"Little Mikey Licks It All" (QA35)

 Starring Queen Adrena & Mistress Magick and slave Mikey a full two hour tape

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 "Mikey Licks It All" by Queen Adrena Excerpts from full story on www.queenadrena.net

Little slave Mikey had creamed & dreamed of being devoured by Two Big Beautiful Mighty Mama's. In fact he had lusted after Magick's training ever since he laid eyes on her, because she reminded him so much of his Queen's special spirit, a sweet hearted, yet completely dominant woman in total control. So, Queen Adrena & her favorite sister Mystress Magick decided to make his fantasy of the ultimate humiliation cum true. Slave Mikey was first guided by his leather cuffs, collar, and leash to show his worship and true obedience kneeling at our feet as our pet dog. We first had our delicious boots and heels worshipped, commanding him to his knees where we could be serviced by Mikey's tongue lapping ever so provocatively across our the skins of our leather shoes. (This revved our steamy clam engines for sure) We then took turns feeling his tongue lick the back of our legs, and then be commanded to crawl & slither his tongue way up to our panties. Our panties were filled with cream and penetrating vapors from the very beginning; ......We kept tormenting him and verbally reminding him of his reward to cum if he could pass every test given to him....

........It was then time to give Mikey the test of the Whip. He loves to be whipped, so he surrendered completely feeling more and more helpless as we stood him up and bound his puny little body in their leather cuffs and applied our whips to his vibrating body bound against the wooden bondage X. We skillfully stripped him of all his dignity with our expert verbal chastisement. "You are a little worm and a slut, aren't you slave?" "Yes, Mystress and Queen", he would submissively answer, with a true quiver of fear and anticipation in his voice.

........We played many wicked humiliation and erotically nasty games. We sucked on dildos as he watched and wished that we were sucking his little weenie. We then untied the little boy and had him start kissing our ass's for prolonged periods of ass worship. Magick got out her dildo and made him suck it to amuse and arouse us. We spent plenty of time having our ass's worshipped throughout the entire play scene. All of you Big ass Lovers will really dig this tape. We have never gotten more aroused by a slave's tongue, it was like a dogs tongue, long and unendingly devoted to tasting and pleasing the Goddess's. We purposely forgot to use toilet paper that day so we could feed Mikey his favorite dinner, ass juices.

 Of course Queen let her wine flow after Magick relieved herself. After all we were in a bath tub where anything can spill.

This tape is the best verbal humiliation ever put on tape, we did alot of talk about Mikey being out little baby as well. An infantilism tape with little Mikey is next, since he a true baby along with a true whip slave and complete toilet slave.

You must get this tape of what may be the most Erotic Humiliation ever inflicted by Queen & Magick.