Update on Models 2005

      Thank you for your interest in becoming a model in Queen's special fetish videos. I'm living in El Segundo presently, next to the L. A. airport. I am still interested in making videos with male models who can afford to help with the video production costs. However, I do not have production money. So if you want to play with me and my friends, you can split the difference in the cost, that amount would be approximately $100 per girl. When we shoot a video, it is a party. We have great fun& decadent kinkiness; you will have at least as much fun as a private session and you will have a souvenir of your experience. I prefer a slave who can take a lot of pressure in Smothering, and/or Trampling. We love our Face Sitting videos and sessions. We all like to grind you down into our mounds of round bottoms and feet. B&D play is available as well of course.

 I want kinky playmates male or female to play the fetish scene with, I will train you if you are a novice. But you must have a genuine curiosity to participate and learn the true art of Fetish's. I enjoy a multitude of Fetish's; Trampling, Fantasy Wrestling, Crushing, Smothering, Foot Fetish, Panty Training, Auntie Role Play, Infantilism, B&D, Goddess Rituals of Body Worship & More.

If you are a woman looking to learn the Fetish Arts

If you are a man seeking to be in my videos, You will have to provide your own transportation to Los Angeles. I tape in Los Angeles only. I cannot pay for your transportation here.

I pay women fees according to their experience and the content of the videos. Their pay starts at $100 for a beginner and can go up to $500 for an experienced Pro Dom/wrestler. I will train both males and females for our erotic fetish plays.

Small males like Iron Crotch and Mighty Mouse, that have smothering and squashing abilities are very desirable. We enjoy all sizes of truly submissive males. If you are a small male, do not hesitate to ask if I need you at this time. Also, I am interested in men that will do male nudity like in our tape. "Death of a Pizza Boy" We like to put our feet on a man's erect schlong; As in "Terrifying Trampling Terrorists". And we want to sit on the faces of our male models with no panties. We do not have sex in the tapes. But we have great fetish play.

You don't have to be perfect looking, I look for passion. I look for real submissive men who truly believe in female superiority. I really want someone who wants to be used in my golden showers and ass worship rituals with me personally. And this would be a very special slave indeed. I am very picky.  And I look for a variety of real men who have "Real" Fetish's. You know if you are real, you have had some of your fantasies since you were a child. You can wear a mask to protect your identity. But I do really enjoy smaller men that make us Big gals feel & look even Bigger. I also like someone who has a firm tummy like samson, or viking boy that the girls and I can walk on without injuring. But I accept many different types for different fantasies. Sometimes I just like someone for Body Worship Rituals and there is light bondage and not really any pain involved.

Please write me a letter only if you are truly able to offer real help of some kind to the Temple. I am sorry I do not have time for slaves that live too far away and may never get to California.  I am just too busy to answer all the mail I get.

1. How tall are you?

2. Weight? & Age?

3. Ability to withstand weight on your body?

   you can take it heavy or light- both are needed.

4. What is your fetish? Briefly?

          Are you into Pain?

          Are you into the Pressure Fetish?

          Are you into Smothering?

          Face sitting?

          Oral Servitude?

          Are you into Scissors?

          Are you into Feet?

         Are you into Body Worship?

         Are you into Golden wine rituals?

         Ass Worship?

         Are you clean and careful?

5. Where do you live?

6. Are you able to perform in Los Angeles?

7. Just to get to know you better- what kind of work do you do?

If you are a woman looking to learn the Fetish Arts

e-mail Queen Adrena

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