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 Throw in some ASS, FOOT,  & BREAST Smothering & you have an incredible feast of BIG BEAUTIFUL WHITE & DARK MEAT to FEAST UPON.

        Mighty Mouse, a horny little tiny man contacted the Queen & her friends through a personal ad & thought he would be God’s gift to these horny Big Women. Queen could tell that he needed a major attitude adjustment. He thought he could take one 3 Mighty Large Mamas. "Queen Adrena", my new big & powerful black assistant "Ebonique", & "Princess Sadie" were all in on the plan for the demise of our cute little captive. He was just "Raw Meat" for an afternoon’s amusement. I wanted to show the girls how to totally conquer a man into scissoring submission as well as smothering torture. Nick the "Mighty Mouse" man was in the right spot at the right time to be our complete boy toy to torture with our hungry thighs and hungry muffs. We invited him over to my apartment where as soon as he entered the door he was looking straight into the eyes of Queenie’s & Ebonique’s humongous ta ta’s. We thoroughly teased him between our ebony & ivory cleavages for awhile. Of course we started his training and teasing at our feet. Ebonique has the most beautiful size 9 & ’s with nice wide soles and beautifully pedicured feet with long painted toe nails. So, I commanded nickie to start licking them immediately. He obeyed quite well. He was awe struck from the very beginning. He was quite horny also. Then we got more serious and took his pants off and threw down on the floor where we proceeded to scissor his little ass and grind his face into our hungry muffs. ( 60 min)

I showed Ebonique how to throw this little man around and lifted him in some airplane spins. She loved watching me woman handle the little boy toy. We warmed our strong thighs up for the kill by slowly scissoring him in every possible position. I body scissored mighty mouse while Ebonique head scissored him, and we had him kiss our ass's royally. We were just getting really warmed up when...

Sadie joined in for the fun .  At first she had her high heels on and told him "Suck my cock slave". Her shoes with long spike heels were her  cock. He sucked passionately & fearfully, knowing she could annihilate him with her heels anytime she wished. Sadie decided to try trampling the little mouse for a little while. She stood on him and stuffed her feet in his mouth while he endured her 170 lbs. quite well for such a tiny twirp. 

We then held a scissoring contest to see who could make little nick cry like a baby. He was just having too much fun being smothered between us. But, we wanted some blood curdling pleas for real mercy to satisfy our craving for a true feast of male flesh. In spite of his tiny size he did resist our lethal scissors for a short while. He resisted long enough to get us excited as if we were cats with a mouse. He is a mighty mouse after all. Our desire to kill the little mouse was strong, but he squirmed so well, and pleaded for mercy so well, that we decided to just play with him until we had our fill.  Finally, when did cry mercy from Queen’s sadistically squeezing muscular thighs, we moved on to planting our full weight onto his face in every smother position possible. We all got our rocks off on his nose as we fucked his face& tongue Royally that day. And then we gave him a delicious long teasing foot with oil job on his bulging 7 1/2 ". He gave Ebonique & Queen a juicy milky tribute from our stroking feet as Sadie rode his face to Glorious climaxes.

This is one of the Queen's most sexxxy tapes to date. You foot lovers will love the feet being kissed and sucked and getting little nickie off. You Big Ass lovers will adore seeing Ebonique's & Queen's panties being pulled to the side to get our bare bottoms licked. The scissors applied by all the ladies are the absolute BEST Yet. Finally the girls are getting the sadistic scissoring pleasures that I have for a long time.


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