"Nanny Kyla’s Lessons of Discipline & Sensual Servitude" [QN1]

    Mommy Adrena left her young son in the hands of the full figured strong Nanny Kyla. The little big boy Bobby is a very naughty hyperactive youngster. No other babysitter could make him behave. Bobby was fidgeting and playing with his ball in the house. He was uncontrollable and would not listen until Kyla punched & slapped him. She had to subdue him with some head scissors, squeezing his head tightly. She threw him down on the ground, trampling him full weight with her bare feet stomping his tummy. Kyla jumped on his tummy and back, taunting him to promise to obey her rules. She sat on him planting her full 250 lbs ass cheeks firmly on his crotch as she forced him to smell her dirty feet and kiss them clean. He still would not listen. So she stood on his face with her full 250 lbs smashing his face as flat as a pancake. After a long while of smashing his head down flat. Little bobby cried, saying he would behave.

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    Yet, he still resisted. So, Kyla had to spank his bare ass over her lap with her bare hand & a disciplinary paddle. She spanked his bare cheeks, warming them with a nice hot pink glow, until he promised to do anything she wished for. He goaded her into more spanking because he enjoyed laying on her ample lap and having her pendulous breasts rub against his chest. The na´ve bobby could not resist trying to touch Kyla’s enormous watermelon breasts. She took her bra off, taunting & teasing him while he gaped at her enormous & firm bare breasts.

    All this boy handling had stirred the young Nanny Kyla’s dominant juices. Kyla was horny and tired of selfish bossy men and naughty boys. So she decided to seduce the bratty boy. She decided to teach this young boy a licking lesson. She wanted to be the first one to seduce the young bobby. He needed to learn the lessons of how to please a woman with his tongue. Of course, he had to promise that this was their secret, or else. Then, Kyla stripped both of their clothes off. She sat right on his face, straddling him in many different positions of smothering torture. He cried at first, afraid of the suffocation and the pressure. After awhile, he was under her seductive spell of erotic surrender. He learned to find the man in the boat, and lick the ice cream cone on Kyla's hot pink pussy. He was talented for a first timer. Kyla had two big orgasms right in his mouth. Little bobby told her it tasted salty. But he wanted to have her baby-sit again real soon.

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