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"In the Nude Squash Mood" [QA40]

550 lbs of Titanic Tits & Colossal Asses Envelope & Assimilate slave samson.

        Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla capture Samson in their secret Lair of Nude Squash Rituals. Their Big Bare Round Beautiful Butts & Bosoms entrance, envelope, & captivate Samson deep in their Nude Creamy Crevices. We knew that we could apply as much pressure and weight as we wanted with samson. The Bigger the Better for him. 80 min.

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         Kyla & I had an excellent time with my very first Squash slave samson. Sometimes the first is the best. But I love all my true Squash lovers. We had them all while Kyla was here. She will visit again if you write and tell her you would like to have a private Squash- smother- foot fetish session with her. She is continuing her kinky studies in Vancouver. She loves to whip a slave's ass (in case you want that, and want to learn more about cock & ball punishment. )


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