Queen Adrena: The Gorgeous Giantess of GLOW

"Over 40 Mgazine"

Part one of a two-part intview by Barbara Carellas

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Also known as Matilda the Hun, this Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling states, "I want to be able not to only control men’s minds—I WANT TO BE ABLE TO KICK THEIR ASS!"

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Queen stands by and on her man Samson!

Does the name Matilda the Hun ring a bell? How about Queen Kong? If they do, you already know Queen Adrena, the 6’3" 320-pound superstar of GLOW: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. But you most certainly don’t have to be a wrestling fan to relish Queen Adrena’s mind-blowing life as a true pioneer of the sexual revolution!

BC: Queenie, I had no idea what a dedicated pornographer you have been. I recently found out that you have the distinction of being arrested on sodomy charges with Annie Sprinkle in 1974—the only time Annie was ever arrested!

QA: Oh, yeah, I was there! Annie and I decided to go to Rhode Island to visit our friends Willem de Ridder and Mickey Leblovich and his wife. They were producing a little sex magazine called Love. We had a party the night we got there. All of us were doing really silly things. We dressed boys up as girls—we had Willem and Mickey in panties—and we were all using vibrators. Then we took some photos of me, Annie and Long Jean Silver.

BC: Long Jean is an amputee, right?

QA: Right! And Long Jean fucked Annie with her stump leg! (Laughs.) It was all such hilarious good fun. The next day we were surrounded by forty state police. It was all over television. The newscast said, Child pornography found in Jamestown! Pornography! Pornography! Pornography! We were arrested and taken to jail. Annie and I were singing, "Ain't going to let no-o-body turn me around," and other Joan Baez songs. Mickey was preaching, "We are not pornographers—we are journalists! We have the freedom to express ourselves in this way! This is reader-written! This is the people’s voice!" That’s really what we believed. I still believe that.

BC: What law did you break?

QA: A law against sodomy. What we had done in those pictures was considered sodomy. Even oral sex was considered sodomy! In fact, due to our little confrontation, the law on sodomy was changed in Rhode Island. We fought it. Mickey and his lawyer pursued it relentlessly. They got the law changed so that oral sex was no longer considered sodomy in that state.

BC: I understand that the cops found out what you were doing because the typesetter for Love was an under-cover cop.

QA: That’s right. She was the inside person. I heard that the bust was actually scheduled for a few days before, but when they heard Annie and Long Jean were going to be there, they waited. We all already had something of a name.

BC: Speaking of names, you have two famous names: Queen Adrena and Queen Kong. Which came first?

QA: Queen Adrena. Actually, my first stage name was Juicy Joy. My husband and I—we’ve been married for thirty-one years—started the world’s first phone-sex club in 1970.

(Suddenly there is a male voice on the phone! Ken, Queenie’s husband, has overheard the conversation and decided to join us.)

Ken: We’ve known each other for fifty-one years!

QA: Hi, Ken! Yes, we’ve known each other since we were children. Our mothers were riveters.

Ken: During World War !! they worked as heavy welders building battleships.

BC: No kidding?

QA: Isn’t that hilarious? We fell in love after Ken got out of the service and we started living together in sin when I was nineteen. We were very conventional at first, then we decided to get into swinging!

Ken: It didn’t take us long to get kinky.

BC: How’d you start the first phone sex club?

QA: By accident!

Ken: I was living with Queenie in a four-bedroom house. At the time she was a masseuse and she had three other masseuses there. I thought, "This is paradise! There is a woman in every room, and I can fuck each and every one of them! This is cool!" What I didn’t realize was that one woman can fuck any twenty men. Three women can take on a regiment.

BC: A basic rule of swinging you learned early on, huh?

Ken and QA: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Ken: I was totally exhausted! I was attending UCLA at the time and I had to get my thesis done or I wasn’t going to graduate. I put an ad in the LA Free Press: "Exhausted Psych Grad living with four masseuses needs immediate live-in help." Well! That ad wiped out the phone line! We got five thousand phone calls a day!

QA: We had to get an extra phone number! But remember, this was back in 1970. What we had created by accident was phone-sex! Ken got the brilliant idea to broadcast the phone conversations to everyone in the house.

"My husband and I—we’ve been married for thirty-one years—STARTED THE WORLD’S FIRST PHONE-SEX CLUB IN 1970."

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Queen & Princess Kyla do the "Double Squash Titty to Titty, Flatten Your Man" moves. This is the "Pressure Fetish"

Ken: I hooked up the phone to the stereo system so that it played throughout the house. When all our neighbors and friends would come over we’d pass the fuck-phone around and take bets on how long it would take to get people off. It was a toy!

QA: So, we started yakking them off. We were just doing it for fun. We had no idea of making money with it. But when we decided to move, we realized it was going to cost money to take that phone line with us.

Ken: In 1970, there was this new invention called the answering machine. It was a little reel-to-reel machine and was run by batteries. My neighbor had one, but he didn’t like it so he sold it to me. Queenie had been using it to leave sexy messages for all the callers.

We out a message on the answering machine that said, "Hey we’re moving. If you want us to continue this phone line, you gotta send us some money. Send us three dollars and I’ll send you a photo of this lady, Juicy Joy, who has been recording all of the phone messages."

I went to my post office box and there was $1000 in it! I was so excited! I’d just found a new job.

QA: So, this started what I believe was the first telephone-sex club in the world. We were very successful. I’d record titillating little suck-and-fuck type fantasies.

Ken: Or sometimes we’d just take the microphone, throw it on the bed and fuck.

QA: Yeah—great sound effects! We’d charge ten dollars a month for the guys to call up and get the daily "Juicy Joy Message." They’d call, we’d click off their code or number, put the receiver into the machine and they’d get their message. We had three girls doing that. If they wanted more, for an extra fee, they could talk to a live girl.

Ken: I put in ten lines. In two hours I could teach a college girl hoe to jack off two hundred guys in an hour.

QA: Then something new started happening. The guys would call up and say to me, "Oh, you’re so tall! You’re so magnificent! Can I smell your feet?" I’d go, "What!?" and I’d hang up on them. I said, "That guy’s sick!" Then they’d call back! "Oh, Mistress, you’re a goddess. Can I be your slave?" I’d hang up on them again. Finally, I started getting curious. "What are you all about? What is this slave business? What are you looking for, you little pervert?" I was getting mad at them. Of course, they were getting off on it! I had no idea, of course, but I could feel their energy change as they would get into submissive mode. It stirred something in me. All of a sudden Queen Adrena popped into my mind—Adrena for adrenaline—a verbal dominatrix!

Ken: One day, after eighteen months of incredible success, the FBI showed up at our door.

QA: Oh. Yeah.

"I fixed up a room as a dungeon and began doing Live Encounters With my Slaves Instead of the Verbal Domination 

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"Queen Kong meets King Kong in the mud"

Ken: They said "We hear that you run the largest prostitution ring in the world." They thought all those phone calls were setting up dates for prostitutes! I brought them in and showed them our entire setup. I told them I talked to the chief of police, the district attorney and three lawyers and they all said that what we were doing was legal. "What law do you think I am breaking?" I asked. They said, "Well…we don’t know, but they Attorney General of the United States is pissed to high hell and if we can’t find a law, he and the Congress are going to pass one!"

QA: Obviously, they terrified us. We quit the phone-sex club. We moved into a place where I could become a full-time dominatrix. I fixed up a room as a little dungeon and began doing live encounters with my slaves instead of the verbal domination I had been doing. I was starting to become this world-famous dominatrix but there was one thing that bothered me. I was being put on this pedestal of strength and power, but I didn’t feel confident in the physical arena.

Ken: Ya gotta realize, she was raised on a mountain top…..

QA: In a very tiny little rural town. And I'd always been shy and awkward. Everyone made derogatory comments about my size. From the age of 13, I was 6'3", and weighed 180 pounds. I was gangly and uncoordinated and I never got picked for any team sports. I was a complete klutz. The boys in school were all afraid of me, always trying to get my goat.

I thought, "Well, damn it! I am going to prove I can do something with this body besides pretend to be a dominatrix. I want to be able to not only control men's minds-I want to be able to kick their ass!" (Laughing.)

At the time, I was about 25 and I was going to college part-time. One day I took a self-defense class. I thought it was so great that I decided to join the wrestling team! But I was told I couldn't join because women were not allowed.

Ken: No woman had ever been on a college wrestling team.

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QA: I threatened to contact the ERA people!

Ken: (Laughs.) Beside the coach up by his lapels! He was a little guy about 5'2", 120 pounds. "How `bout we go two out of three," she told him, "to decide if I'm in the class?"

QA: He reluctantly let me join. After a few months I started to show great promise. I started running and lifting weights, and I practiced countless drills. I got good enough that one day, I pinned the wrestling captain.

Ken: El Camino College was just a tiny little community college. After Queenie joined the team they won the California state championship for the first time in the history!

BC: Wow!

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Ken: When she joined the team there were only ten wrestlers. They were in a little back room of the gym where nobody could see them. As soon as everybody heard there was a woman on the team, they had to move them out to the main section of the gym-300 or 400 people would show up to watch. And over twenty guys left the football team and joined the wrestling team!

BC: Queenie, did you win a lot?

QA: Yes, I did. But I also won many matches by default. Some guys would refuse to wrestle me.

BC: Really? That must have been a bummer.

QA: It was. I felt kind of hurt by that, but at the same time I was kind of amused. Often they would lose because my boob in their face would throw them totally off guard, or a very embarrassing bulge in their shorts would arise after an illegal crotch hold! It would just destroy the guy's concentration. Before he'd get it back he was on his back, pinned.

BC: When did you turn professional?

QA: I searched the whole world for professional wrestling work for a woman. At the time-this was the mid-1970s-the only way you could get a job was to go down to North Carolina and become Fabulous Moola's sex slave.

BC: For real?

QA: Yes, absolutely!

Ken: Yeah! She raised horses you had to go shovel the horse shit! When Queenie went to talk to Moola, the first thing Moola said was, "You have to get rid of your husband and your kid."

BC: My God.

QA: Yeah! "You gotta come and live here and go through three years of training before you ever make a dime. I gotta own your ass before I allow you the magic and the glory of being a professional wrestler."

BC: Damn!

QA: And I found out years later that she took over forty to fifty percent of the girls' money and never gave it back to them.

BC: That's one shitty madam!

QA: Oh, she's a fucker.

Ken: The only major league there was at the time was the WWF. Moola had exclusive rights to all female wrestling.

QA: She had a lot of power. There was only one other way you could get into professional wrestling here in Los Angeles: you could wrestle a bear.

BC: A what?

"Often they would lose because my boob would throw them totally off guard, OR AN EMBARRASSING BULGE IN THEIR SHORTS WOULD ARISE AFTER AN ILLEGAL CROTCH HOLD!"

mudqvsguy.jpg (9565 bytes)

Mud wrestling

Ken: California is the only state in the union that says a woman cannot wrestle a man. That's the law. The bear was female!

BC: Oh my god! Excuse me, but-unfucking real! Isn't that extremely life threatening?

QA: Yeah! Definitely!

Ken: If the bear steps on your foot, she'll crush it. If she bear-hugs you, you're dead. I would have much rather seen Queenie wrestle any man out there than a 700-pound grizzly!

BC: How did you do it?

QA: Oh, my training was quite exquisite: I went into the ring with three humongous men who said, "We'll show you how to wrestle a bear." They picked me up and bounced me like a basketball about 40 times in a row!

Ken: That's called an initiation.

QA: I was so sore I don't know how I survived. And later that night I was supposed to wrestle the bear. Obviously, these people did not want me in the business!

Ken: All male wrestlers are terrified of females. It's just a phobia that they've got. I think it's because they can't be as pretty and they can't be as graceful.

QA: They are jealous. But I think they're afraid someone else will make more money than they would. Anyway, I got into the ring with the bear--the bear and a guy.

Ken and I became promoters of mud wrestling. THE MUD WRESTLING WAS THE EPITOME OF EVERYTHING -it was so fun! The way Ken and I designed it, it was like a sport."

gntstrmpfst.jpg (10522 bytes)

" Giantess Tramplefest " a video tape & party--We trampled, squashed, face walked, group head-scissored and used all the men for human furniture.

Ken: The object of the game is to stay in the ring as long as you can without getting hurt. You cannot defeat the bear-there is no way a man or a woman or any human can defeat it. The man lasted about two minutes. Queenie went a full fifteen minutes and just blew everybody away.

BC: How did you do that?

QA: I tuned into the bear's feminine energy. We became friends.

BC: Did she try to hurt you?

QA: Let me explain a little about bears. A bear's instinct is to break your back. It's not that they are vicious. It's just their instinct. When the bear swings its arm across it will knock your head right off your shoulders. The first thing you learn is to duck! The other thing they like to do is to hook their arm behind your knee and throw you clear across the ring. She did hook me a few times and threw me against the turnbuckle. Believe me, it was very, very violent and difficult! But bears also love to dance! The secret is, you stand face-to-face with them with your hands on their shoulders. You give them a little rhythm and have a little fun with them. But you are always on guard for that instant when their instinct pops up and they try to knock your head off.

BC: Girlfriend! Jeez!

QA: Yeah! I survived fifteen minutes. So, I was a hero and I was accepted into the inner circle of professional wrestling. But I still had no one to wrestle!

I put some ads in wrestling magazines for private wrestling matches. When you're a dominatrix, you often get asked to do dominant wrestling-they call it apartment-style wrestling. You physically overpower the guy with head scissors or body scissors. That paid pretty well, but I had a desire to shine. I'm a performer.

So... voila! Ken and I became promoters of mud wrestling. The mud wrestling was the epitome of everything-it was so fun! The way Ken and I designed it, it was like a sport. We had lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight matches. We trained the women to really wrestle. It was the first time most of the girls had ever known how to fight, had an audience and were getting paid for it. They did some really good stuff.

Ken: We had 256 matches a week. We had a troupe of 300 girls here in Los Angeles and another troupe of 100 in San Diego.

QA: We were packing the houses. It was so exciting! It was as exciting as any arena I have ever been in. And it was so novel. The girls were getting really pissed off, and you saw female energy in combat for the first time ever.

BC: Very cool! Is this when Queen Kong was born?

QA: Yes. I used to come out in this ape suit-Queen Kong. Then I'd rip it off and I'd have on a bustier underneath.

Ken: Then she'd go out into the audience and bash at least twenty guys faces into her boobs.

QA: That's when the Knocker-Locker was born!

BC: (Laughs.) Tell us the names of some of your other holds.

QA: There was also the Big Belly Bop. And of course, Thunder Thighs!

Ken: I named that one because one day she grabbed me and threw me in the pit-I was the referee at the time. She threw my head down between her legs, slammed her thighs together and ruptured both my eardrums!

QA: Lovingly! I lovingly ruptured his eardrums. My most famous move in professional wrestling was the Flying Belly Smash.

BC: Ooh ...I bet that was mean.

Ken: She'd get running as fast as she could, jump about five feet in the air and come down on top of her opponent with her 300 pounds. It would pretty well end the match.

BC: No shit! This sounds like just the most hysterically sexy good fun! But it was going to get even better, wasn't it?

QA: You bet. Ken and I had been creating a television show in our minds for years. Imagine: what if you combined wrestling with music, comedy, great sportsmanship and gorgeous women.

BC: Sounds like you'd create GLOW-The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! And in the process you'd make wrestling and television history.

QA: Exactly.

Queen Adrena is much too big and much too powerful to be contained in just one issue. Join me next month when I'll talk to Queen Adrena about the glorious days of GLOW. We'll also hear how her Slam-o-Gram shut down the stock exchange, and we'll explore the Queen's amazing world of Gigantically Beautiful Women, Creative Crushing, Tremendous Trampling and Sensational Smothering.

For a sneak preview, visit the Queen at either www.queenkong.com or www.queenadrena.com where you can also order sensational videos of the Queen in all her power! Or write to P.O. Box 5050, Carson, CA 90745.

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