Pantied Punished & Sissified $35.

Queen Adrena & her sister Mistress Shelly aka "The Burbank Bomber" decided to catch Shelly’s macho boyfriend in his fetish for wearing women panties under his macho clothes. He had been spending too much time privately in the bathroom. Then she found some unknown lingerie charges on her credit card, but Shelly was not seeing the lingerie anywhere. So she got very curious about what was really going on in Tim’s life behind her back. She thought maybe he had another girl friend. And he did. It was "Tammy" the sissy slut, the girl inside of him. He had been collecting panties from thrift stores and going to Victoria’s secret and stealing panties from clothes lines and the list goes on and on. At first he denied his very embarrassing hobby and obsession for dirty women’s panties. But we discovered many new kinky little secrets about little Tammy the night we outed the sissy bitch slut. (see below...) 






We completely overpowered him with our Amazonian strength. We threw him down on the ground, completely physically subduing him. Then, we pulled his trousers off, finding his frilly teddy that he wore to work that day. We spanked his white ass until it was hot pink with shame and he still would not tell us where his stash of lingerie was. We tweaked his nipples and put clothes pins on his nipples and his scrotum, making him cry like a little girl. We even put clothes pins on his tongue.  Finally after we thrashed him harder and harder he agreed to show us his suit case filled with the sissy clothes. He came crawling into the room with the suit case hanging out of his mouth like the dog that he is. He is a sissy bitch dog in heat. We found his G spot in his sissy ass, and we forced him to smell and lick our ass’s and breasts. We punished him and teased him until he was senseless and helpless against our wishes. We dressed him in a pink satin French maids uniform. We teased his naked pussy cock the entire night watching it rise & fall according to our wicked games of

Enforced Feminization, Smothering, Face sitting and exposing sissies pussy ass in every humiliating & embarrassing way possible.

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