"The Panty Thief’s Pounding" [QAN3]

Starring Mistress Kyla Kiss (250 lbs), Mistress Sharon T (175 lbs) & slave titty bear

     A small, perverted young male geek broke into Mistress Kyla’s apartment while she & her girl friend Mistress Sharon went shopping. He had been spying on them and waiting to rob them, but the scent of their dirty panties overcame his senses and he just had to touch and smell the beautiful frilly panties filled with the Mistress’s pungent scent. He undressed, put one pair of panties on, and then masturbated himself while he smelled the other pair. The two Big, Strong, Beautiful Mistress’s had forgotten their credit cards so they had to go back into the apartment. After entering, Kyla saw her spare key on the table instead of in its usual hiding place. They became suspicious and looked for a robber; they were ready to kick some ass. How dare someone enter Kyla’s apartment!?

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        Nothing was missing, so they sat down on the couch to rest for a moment before going back out to shop. The couch seemed rather lumpy…they felt it move and all of a sudden, out rolled the small little twerp-pervert gasping for air. He had been hiding under the couch cover the entire time! Kyla & Sharon’s Big Buns had almost made him pass out. He ran to the door, but Kyla was too quick for him, she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and put him in a sleeper hold immediately. Then Sharon and Kyla decided to teach him a lesson: they took him down on the ground and sat on him, then scissored his head good. They made a bet with him. They bet if he could ever pin them, then he could fuck them. They both knew twerp-boy was going to lose, but the contest was on. The Mistresses stripped off their outer clothing and started showing the twerp-boy who was boss. Kyla airplane spinned his body over her shoulders and Sharon scissored him until he cried. They used many submission holds on his struggling body. They taught him a very valuable lesson about breaking into a Mistress’s house. For their pleasure, they demanded and got total oral service on their royal asses and pussy-galores. They sat on his face and milked the little twerp until he squirted helplessly all over himself.  [70 min] Available in DVD also

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