“ Patty’s 550lb Avalanche of Ass ”


    550lb Mountain Patty’s demanded that slave samson kiss her “naked” sweet & pungent ass for hours. Samson begged to serve as her complete face fucking chair. He lapped & tongued her ass for hours with his flickering long tongue, probing deep inside her rosebud. She verbally demanded many things. She said; “Slave, spread my cheeks & put your nose on my asshole”, “Now, slave, I’m going to put my asshole on your nose”, “ Sniff Deeper”, “If you’re lucky I will fart on you”. Patty really humiliated samson with severe breath deprivation on her crush bench, smashing him until he PASSED OUT 2 times. She rode his face, smashing his flattened body until she had several orgasms. Then she took him to the bathroom to make him her toilet paper after she peed. Samson was completely Used  & humiliated for her ultimate pleasure. XXXtra delicious & Brutal. 

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