"Giant Mommy's Humongous Humiliation of Baby teddy"

Giant Mommy Adrena (63 320 lb) captures her (adult) young macho boy toy ( 56 130 lb Teddy), over- powering him with humiliating lessons of forced Infantilism. 550 lb Mount Patty joined in the fun. Queen & Patty both overpower baby teddy, forcing him to wear diapers & rubber pants. Hes so afraid of the Big Strong Mommys, he might pee his pants. They lift him, showing their Superior strength & power. They rock him in their strong arms. They taunt him, laughing at his teenie weenie. They change his didies, teasing his bare bottom & weenie. Hes forced to suck his thumb, & breastfeed from their Big milk dripping breasts.  We sit on him, & smother him, pouring milk over our breasts as we feed him. We spank his bottom over our laps, making him cry. Hes then given a sensuous bath after he stinks up his diapers.

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