"Mount Patty's 550 lb Love Wrestling"


pat-cch-sit1.jpg pat-cch-sitt2.jpg pat-luvw-bw1.jpg pat-luvw-dubscis3.jpg pat-luvw-pw-end.jpg
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Queen shared her Love Wrestling techniques with 5’8”, 550 lb. Mount Patty. The small 5’ 6” 125 lb slave titty bear was on the menu. Slave tb sucked her toes & soles giving her Deep Foot. Patty demanded licking upon her erect large nipples. Her Gigantic Ass was planted across his tiny body, enveloping him. Patty knelt on the couch in front of her slave, while he kissed & massaged the widest pair of hips in the court. (74”)  He couldn’t reach around her. Patty sat on him full weight as her couch, & he disappeared in her Massive Mounds of Hot Flesh. Titty bear loved being swallowed deep inside her ass as she bounced & teased, undulating her sexy big hips all over him. Patty & Queen turned him upside down, then slid him deep inside both of their asses. Mounting forwards & backwards, Patty sucked the air out of his lungs wickedly. It was then time for the Love Wrestling games. She belly flopped his tummy

Patty’s Titanic Tummy pounded across his tiny tummy. Queen & Patty traded head scissors & rolling grapevine holds. They squeezed his head tightly in their monstrous thigh locks as he begged for mercy. The ultimate Squashing & Smothering Face sitting moves were next. Patty’s pussy juices were flowing. Queen ordered slave titty bear to offer his tongue to her musky hot pink cave between her thighs. Patty was ready to be orally served. Mt Patty straddled his face, sitting forwards & backwards for long periods of face fucking time. She undulated her hips around, bouncing up & down in earthquake shattering moves. She finally laid on her back, commanding titty bear “Do me! I will lay back & relax while your tongue does all the rest? Lap like a butterfly non-stop, slave!” She exploded her creamy cooz onto his fluttering serpent tongue. “Sexy orgasm scene"

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