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“Trampling 870 lb Tango”

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“Trampling 870 lb Tango” (45 min.)

Queen wanted her super-size girl friend 550 lb Mistress Monique (aka Patty) to experience some true Trampling Fun & Dominance.  Queen invited her special trample slave “viking boy” over for a thorough trouncing and pulverizing by the Heaviest woman he had ever felt smash his mortal flesh and bones before. Slave viking boy was excited, he really wanted to feel her amazing weight grind him down to the ground flat as a pancake and then some.

Monique was everything he had hoped for. He could not dream of ever escaping her Titanic trounces and bounces on his back, tummy and face. After demanding some sensuous foot worship and basic sitting on the crush bench. We decided to dance/trample on viking boy’s body to the tune of our own version of the Tango, da da, da da, da da da, we smashed him flat. We just had to sit on his face as well in some creative squashing moves. When Monique is sitting on viking boy or any other slave, there is no room for anyone else. At the end , we went nude for some wild sitting and trampling in the royal buff. Then we rewarded viking boy with a nice foot job. He spurted to the tune of our feet and massaging hands. This is Monique’s first Trample. Excellent tape.

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