Mount Patty’s 550 lb Smother Cage  [QN14]

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The Beautiful 550lb Goddess Patty demanded slave samson to report for smother duty. And so he did. She craved to feel his struggling body beneath her powerful and enormous wide hips. He kissed her from head to toe, worshipping her feet deliciously, begging her to have a little mercy on him.  Mercy was not in her mind at this moment. She started sitting on him in many different provocative yet torturously suffocating moves. Her body is the Mountain of Hot flesh that samson and many size and smother devotees crave and dream about. Mount Patty Smothered her slave samson deep in her Gigantic Ass. She & samson were both becoming more addicted to his body being suffocated & squished by her massive mounds of powerful & sensual flesh. She caged her human throne in her smothering folds of hot horny flesh as she flattened him down like a pancake. Samson was bewitched. He could think of nothing else save being smashed beneath her Gargantuan Ass & body. He was in heaven & hell all at the same time. Every time she sat on him, he struggled to breathe. His lungs were totally deprived of the oxygen he needed to breathe as she applied the most pressure filled different squashing moves.

Samson surrendered completely to her. He thought it would be divine to die beneath her. The desire to awake in the afterlife deep inside of her Gorgeous Womb of Power had taken over his senses completely. It was surrealistic to endure the intoxicating pressure & pain. It was dangerous & exciting all at the same time. He’d never met such a woman before, one who would demand as much out of him as he could offer. She told him to say “Thank You Mistress” every time she planted her Royal ass on his serving lips. Her titanic tits spilled on his face as she demanded breast worship. This is a most sensual yet brutal smothering. Mountain Patty is sensational!! 40 min $40.

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