“Goddess Fatty Patty’s First Game of Squash”[QN13]

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I recently received a passionate letter from a lovely girl by the name of  “Fat Chick Patty”. Her name alone told me that she was proud of her size. I liked her attitude immediately. She asked me if I thought she would make a good model for my videos. She sent me a picture of her face showing me a very pretty lady. I could not see her body, but she told me she is 5’8” and weighs 550 lbs.  Patty also has gorgeous size 11 feet. She had been reading the stories about our special Big Beautiful women who Squash men to smithereens and she thought this sounded really cool. She has wanted to be able to do some glamour modeling and Female Dominance for some time. I immediately wrote back to her inviting her to join me as soon as we could get slave samson to start serving her. I knew it would take an unusually strong man to carry her load. And I knew samson had a weak spot for a woman with her very unique wide-bodied curves. Samson adores a super sized woman with super-sized hips and super-sized weight. He truly worships a woman who weighs at least 500 lbs.

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     I sent samson on a mission to meet Patty where she was living. It was his job to interview her and tell me if he thought she was ready to be a Queen Adrena Squash Woman. Samson fell in love and lust the first moment he laid eyes on the enormously wide bodied Latina Goddess. She had a gorgeous feminine face. She smiled and giggled. Yet her powerful sensuality captivated samson’s imagination. He explained his addiction to the Smothering and Pressure Games of Squashing. He showed Patty how to sit on him on the floor and on her hotel bed. Samson called Queen afterwards and told her she had a winner with Patty and that he would offer his body for her human squash bench anytime she wanted.

          Goddess Patty walked in the door at the Temple where Queen had arranged to meet her.  Queen saw that she was stunning with her long curly brunette hair falling softly over her pretty face & strong looking shoulders. She wore tight spandex pants that showed her XXXtra Wide land of solid Hips and titanic tummy. Patty is also  intelligent and well spoken. Queen told her she would show her the land of the Giantess Goddesses and how all the men in this land must obey our wicked ways else they will be smashed to bits. I explained to her that we apply pressure to our squash boy toys in the form of using them as human furniture. We sit on them as chairs and chase lounges. And we crush them on my specially designed crush furniture. Our slave’s crave our pile driving pounds. They are hooked on being underneath our Big round bottoms as we apply our full bodied smashing games all over their flattened bodies.

     Patty instantly loved throwing her weight around. Queen would sit on samson, showing her a move. Then patty took over, & repeated the move exactly to samson. It wasn’t long before she was grabbing samson and demanding him to kiss her ass, feet and all that is in between. She had never had her toes kissed before. So samson kissed her feet while he showed his undying devotion to our new Goddess in the Temple. This 500 + lb Goddess can really move. She is graceful and limber. No one has been this magnificent since we had the super size Delilah in action. Patty sat on samson on our specially designed wooden crush bench with the cinder blocks underneath. She slowly penetrated his body with her piling poundage. She sat on his chest sideways, forwards, and backwards. She sat on him every which way that can be done. She is so wide and round, that there was not much room for Queen to do double sitting. But we managed to squeeze in a few double smashes on the bench.

     When Super Patty first sat on samson she was a little nervous. She thought as so many BBW’s do that she was much too heavy to be sitting on the tummy or any part of slave samson’s body. She carefully held her weight back as she sat on his tummy sideways. Queen told her to just let go and watch an amazing thing. She would see slave samson turn purple and gasp for air as no man ever had beneath her, as if he were being devoured by an anaconda snake. Patty had never allowed any man to stay beneath her long enough to get a good squashing. She was too embarrassed to let it all go ever before. Queen guided her through all of the squashing, and crushing rituals as she showed patty how to flatten her man as flat as a pancake and enjoy the holy hell out of the pain & Pressure she was delivering to a totally submissive & masochistic man. Patty was unsure as to whether she should dish out pain. After all, she just wanted to be liked, not to be a Bitch. But Queen Adrena was showing her how to deliver her smashing smorgasbord of flesh and to enjoy the power she held over her captive beneath her. I told her to make samson say “Mercy” as many times as she could. I showed her how to plant her Big Ass exactly in the right spot to suffocate him and crush his body until it caved in to her plunging pulchritude. Patty took to smashing samson as a duck takes to water. She merged with samson’s face in some incredible face sitting moves as Queenie guided her in her lessons of smash. Slave samson has never submitted as many times as he did on this day. Patty has what it takes to envelope and dominate her man any time she wants to. Her passion for teasing and testing of the slave’s strength came very natural to her.

     Queen explained to her how the Female energy is a Sphere of Power that captivates and controls her male energy. While she is sitting on her male drone, she is using him as her tool of pleasure and power. She planted her super size Ass on his tummy and face and he went into outer space. The divine pressure forced him to submit to her Female force. He surrendered all his consciousness. He became powerless. He could even pass out as someone as large as Patty crushed his entire body inch by inch. Queen showed her how to slowly devour him, intoxicating him with her sensuality as she flattened the wind out of him with her sheer size. Patty is very solid and her skin is magnetic. She draws what she wants from her man buried beneath the mountains of her Gigantic hips, breasts, and Tummy. She sat on him in every crushing yet sensual way possible. When she sat on him on the couch, the couch groaned as it never had before with her weight heavy enough to break it as well as him. Patty is truly awesome and incredible. She is also very playful and sexy. Sitting is intoxicating and stimulating to her. Samson has not been this happy since Enorma almost killed him last year. He groaned and he gasped. And he begged for mercy over and over again. I think samson has met his match with Goddess Mount Patty.   

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