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"Matilda's Revenge" 60 min. $35.

"Mighty Matilda the Hun" had gone to the Arena to wrestle. Mika found Queen Matilda's boy toy to be very attractive.  Auntie warned them not to play while she was gone or else there would be hell to pay. Mika could not help herself, she wanted to play with her Auntie’s slave "titty-bear". She asked him to show her some wrestling moves. They got intertwined in erotic scissors & face sitting wrestling. Matilda came home early & found her niece "Mika" & "titty-bear" locked in some very steamy love wrestling. She went crazy, & started strangling the little cheaters. She airplane spinned both of them, piling one on top of the other. She sat on them both, smothering them full weight. She head-locked both of them & belly bopped them all around the room, throwing them everywhere. They begged & pleaded for mercy. The tiny 4’9" 110 lb little Mika, the 5’ 125 lb titty-bear tried in vain to protect one another. Matilda squashed them like little bugs. Queen also spanked their bottoms any time she had one to pinch or swat. This is excellent wrestling, not quite enough of the Queen. She did her big belly flop on titty-bear & he caved in, surrendering. She gave them mercy if they would worship her feet properly. And they did kiss and massage her feet. She also demanded double breast worship. They also had to promise to be her tickle victims.  (see the tape titled "Double Tickle Torture" for this.) Queen Will be doing much more Dominant wrestling soon.

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"Double Tickle Torture" 45 min. $35.

Matilda The Hun had to punish her naughty niece 4’9" 110 lb Mika, & her little slave "Titty-Bear" for playing behind her back. She tied them first on the bed laid out flat, getting at their feet every chance she could get. They squealed like little piggies, they were being tickled so ravenously. Then Queen Matilda tied their wrists together, mercilessly tickling them from head to toe. She especially tortured their arm pits, their ears & necks at times, because these are really vulnerable spots for these two in-subordinates. Queen teased and tickled their toes and feet unendingly. Then she tied them standing up together where she uses feathers, and beads , her finger nails, her finger tips, and then she used ice cubes as her ultimate tickle torture. She applied the cold stinging cubes in all the most ticklish spots, until they both peed their pants. There is a lot of screaming and begging for mercy. The tickle laughter is non-stop. Queen put an ice cube right on Mika's nasty little clit and let it melt and torture that little man stealing slut. Queen pinched her nipples at times and spanked her bottom at times also. Queen Also demand double breast worship from the little twits. This is a way cool tickle tape.

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