"Bewitched on Planet Vulvaria"[QN2]

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    Mother Queen Adrena & her two lovely full figured daughters Princess’s Kyla & Aurora are from the planet Vulvaria, where all women are Superior Extra Large Goddess’s. This is a story about the Princess’s first vulvarian voyage. They have just come of age. So, it was time for the Big Hunt for a potential domestic pet from the slave farm. On Planet Vulvaria men are a mindless brainwashed species, used merely as toys for amusement. We keep them in camps separate from the Superior Female Goddess’s. Their sole purpose is to provide us with seed for procreation, amusement as our human furniture toys, and to appease and please with their tongues. We use tongue stretching instruments on their tongues at birth to make them more desirable and amusing.

planvul-a-1-out-5.jpg planvul-a-1-out4.jpg planvul-a-1-out8.jpg

    We keep the human drones hypnotized with our female scents wafting through the air with our dirty panties planted on the trees. They must find them and clean them with their tongues. When they have gathered enough panties, and cleaned them, then they will be taken home with one of the specially chosen Superior Goddess’s to please her for a day. On this special day, slave vulva boy had been chosen by the Queen and her two voluptuous daughters because he had gathered their panties and had been delving into cleaning them with his tongue for hours, dreaming and hoping that he would be chosen for the domestic pet for their amusement & pleasure.

planvul-b.jpg planvul-beg2.jpg planvulv-2d.jpg planvulv-aa.jpg

    They captured him in the yard, and led him into the training Temple. First his tongue was examined for its length and talent, checking to see if it had been stretched properly, then his anatomy. He was immediately commanded to smell our asses and panties so when his test came, he better remember which scent belonged to which Mistress or else. A good domesticated pet must also be a beast of burden. He must provide whatever amusement the Goddess’s demand. He must be able with withstand being human furniture. He must be a human carpet, since it is so amusing for the superior Goddess’s. The slave must be able to endure being a squash toy, where the Mistress’s sit and smother in many different positions.

planvulv-bb.jpg plvulv-1b.jpg planvulv-dd.jpg planvulv5.jpg
planvulv-sit-b.jpg planvulv-sit-d.jpg planvulv9b.jpg planvulv6.jpg

    We hypnotized our slave with the juggling of our firm rounded buns, overpowering his senses completely. We further took him under our spell with breast smothering. We smothered our slave all over his submissive body with our tits on his cock, on the tummy, & with our Butts everywhere. Any way we could smother and assimilate, we did it. We captivated our prey for a day inside our female beings.

    The Princess’s trampled him in their high heels. And they jumped on him. they applied some delicious butt drops and sitting on the their human carpet for awhile. We then turned him into a human couch. The young Princess’s laid the slave out on the couch, so that his spine conformed to that of the couch. They propped his feet over the back of the couch, as his head was hanging down over the bottom edge. The Princess’s planted their big round heart shaped ass cheeks in some very firm, suffocating & excruciating crushing moves as his head was at their complete mercy. They loved taking turns forcing his face deep inside of each other’s bikini panties. They slid their panties to the side demanding that the slave look at their superior vulvae’s. The slave was taught how to pleasure each Princess in her different ways. Then we smashed our slave’s face down flat on a chair. So, all three of us sat, burying the slave’s face deeply under our asses firmly onto the seat of the chair. We really flattened our slave’s entire head in this manner. He endured our pressure filled rides quite well. He suffered exquisitely for our amusement, as he turned shades of red and blue.

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