PMS- Poke Men Severely Syndrome

Starring: Mistresses Shelly and SharonT


     Shelly & Sharon dressed in their most Wicked Leather Bitch outfits were sitting in their private dungeon bitching and complaining about their PMS. They had pre-menstrual syndrome, but there are many different interpretations of PMS; Punish Men Syndrome, Possible Murder Suspect & Poke Men Severely. When a woman has her monthly hormones, there is a frustration & rage in her that must be satisfied somehow. Sharon & Shelly were feeling just plain super Bitchy. They knew that one thing would get them out of their raging funk. They are so addicted to poking their stiletto high heels into the flesh of male slaves that it is synonymous with heroin addiction. They were like vampires looking for a kill, someone’s blood to spill. When they get PMS there is only one thing that will satisfy them, and that is enslaving a man into becoming a human carpet for their trampling feet, & high heels. They wanted to gouge a captive until he cried for mercy. They craved to kidnap a male and break him down to obey their wicked desires. They decided to call a carpet cleaning man whom they had their eye on at the store down the street.

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  So they called the Carpet Man for as estimate for cleaning their dirty carpet. It is so exciting to have a man at your knees who does not know yet that he belongs there. Mistresses Shelly & Sharon met Carpet boy at the door. He walked in and was overwhelmed as he immediately looked up at the tall & strong provocatively dressed women who answered the door. The Amazon Shelly’s gigantic tits nearly knocked him out on the way in the door. SharonT’s Bodacious Big Breasts were enough to make a man weak in the knees as well. The 2 Amazons standing in their stiletto spike high heeled boots towered over the small unsuspecting young man. They stood in front and in back of him, sandwiching him between their enormous impaling breasts and muscles.... for Larger Pictures, mpegs and Longer stories:

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