"Punk Neighbors Punishment"  [QA63]

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The Giantess’s Kali (400 lb-6’) & Adrena (330 lb. 6’3") get revenge upon a size bashing neighbor. The tiny obnoxious male made rude comments about Kali’s size with his friends. So Kali, with Queen as her back up, invited him over for dinner, and made him the main course. He's taught total respect for Big Women. He experienced the Power, Strength and Aggression behind their large bodies. He's lifted, play-choked (no permanent harm done) pounded & slammed into total submission...

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Then he's squashed flat as a pancake in all of their big curves. Their avalanche of 730 lbs of hot flesh smothered his face and body deeply inside of their asses & Big Breasts.. He's heaad & body scissored, then used as a face sitting toy for pleasure. Kali has the ride of her life on his face as he is forced to service her gigantic ass for very long time. This is a very unusual display of man mangling with delicious envelopment.

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