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(QN 30.) "Squash Smother Splat"  DVD $17. Queen & Princess’s *Demonica & Roxanne* had a RAW, Sexy, Pressure filled squash & smother orgy. Bean bag chairs were the new squish toy. We sat ass to ass & belly to belly on slave’s upturned body on crush bench #1. With foot & heel worship, their spiked glass slippers slid into  vb’s mouth as their female cock. He played human carpet as their 6” stilettos left deep marks into his skin. Piling the bean bags on top of vb’s chest, All 3 Dom’s jumped, landing on his flattened bones, bouncing & squishing. They sensuously rubbed each others bare breasts, slithering all over vb’s body. Queen went SPLAT as she sat on top of them all. Twas’ a smashing, enveloping  time. Finale’-All rode viking boys face on the fuck face bench- smothering him mercilessly! (60 min) e


(QN29) "Wrestling Whip Fighting Bitches From Hell"- DVD $17 Queen Kong inducts 2 tough young hellcat vixens Demonica & Roxanne into her Arena of Bitch fighting. Queen showed the Aggressive Fearless Femmes how to bounce, trounce, bash, roll, smash, drop & scissor. Queen lifts both girls in airplane spins, slamming them down from her 6’4” perch. Abusing them like a rag dolls, Queen used her entire arsenal of Belly bops, bear hug lifts, crushing, butt drops, face-sitting & lethal body & heads scissors. The tough little Bitch fighters kept coming back for more. She sat on their faces, smothering & scissoring them tightly. She used standing head locks & full nelsons. The 2 hellcats wrestled each other into totally exhaustion. They did some girl/girl trampling on each other. For a most unusual finale', they wildly fought with whips, leaving stripes on each other. (60 min + slide show from other videos making this tape 2 hours like all of Queen Adrena Tapes)


(QN28) Doomed by the Dickhead Stompers" Starring: Mistress SharonT & Princess Demonica. The 2 pissed off Dommes punished SharonT’s boyfriend severely for his sneaky amorous advances to her daughter Demonica behind her back. They humiliated him with threats of castration of his cock & balls for his dirty tricks. They stomped his wandering dick in the most sadistic tormenting cock & ball smashing you have ever seen. They whipped his ass, they trampled him. They jumped on his cheatin’ bones until he moaned. He was left bruised and battered. They threatened to cut off his dick and stuff it in his mouth if he ever crossed the line again. Mommy SharonT showed the Princess the ropes of how to punish the liars and cheats. They sat on his face and sucked the air out of him until he cried for mercy. There has never been a more graphic dick squishing tape ever.  (50 min) - DVD Available


(QN27) “Young Dommes Just Gotta Kick Ass- Starring Princess’s “Demonica” *age-18* (5’ 125 lb, sz 7 & ½ ft) & “Roxanne” *age-19* (5’5” 130 lb sz & ½ ft). The 2 new young Aggressive kitten vixens in Queen’s Court engaged in energetic non-stop wild ass kinky play with their personal slave minion, a giant of man. They humiliated & degraded their slave with a multitude of disgusting spitting, smelling & doggie tricks. His barking while forced inside of  their ass cheeks is classic. They forced him to smell & lick their sweaty arm pits, pungent asses, & dirty feet & high heels. They pummeled & trampled him mercilessly with their high jumping feet & heels. They sat on him, crushing him in many different human furniture positions. They literally kicked his big giant ass all over the place. The young dommes rewarded their slave by having him worship their bare breasts, and sitting on his face. The double face rides titty to titty are exquisitely hot. These kinky kittens whip a whip are a dynamic duo of fresh, sexciting creativity. (60 min) DVD Available


(QN26) “Class Reunion- Payback Smash ” 2 Big Crushing Bitches Get Even  Amazon’s Shelly & Ebonique attended their high school reunion where they met up with their smart ass little twirp from the past. He took them up on their invitation to their hotel room where they entrapped him in their pay back scheme. He had called them Fat & weak! They instantly forced him to his knees. They attacked him with their savage thighs, forcing him to sniff each other’s asses. They squeezed & crushed him inside their tight head scissors & ass crunching moves. He was demoralized & weakened, gasping for air as they smothered him mercilessly inside their muscular, strong, enveloping asses, thighs, breasts & pussies. They pummeled the little puke who’d insulted them long ago. They loved punishing the little infidel. Smooshie could not hide his arousal, his little weenie was firm & throbbing. Ebonique & Shelly laughed poking fun at his teenie hard weenie, as they both took turns fucking his face good, grinding his face deeply into their vulvarian pelvic pile drivers and wide hungry asses. Smooshie could barely move at all. He struggled for breath inside their gigantic constriction. Great Full Weight Pressure Fetish & Sexy Smothering (60 min) DVD Available


(QN25) “Giantess Testosterone Terminators”- Queen Adrena 6’3” 300 lbs & Bunny Glamazon 6’3” 220 lbs are secret agents from outer-space. Their mission-to battle evil male Testosterone Tyrants. 2 FBI agents chased them. The Glamazon’s captured them, brain-washing & dominating them with their secret weapons of breath vapor, arm pit perspiration, & panty pussy power, rendering the men completely passive. With their full weight trampling, horsie riding, pressure & squish games & strict head scissors, they exorcized the men of their testosterone poison. They traded many pressure filled face-sitting & crushing rides. We stood on their chests, & backs. Bunny jumped. We sat on them, smothering & flattening them, demanding delicious ass worship. We kept our  neutralizing aromas exuding. We took them outside to see if they passed the test. They failed. We were forced to shrink them into tiny men. Then we stepped on them, killing them, grinding them with our heels & squishing them as flat as a bug. (55 min) DVD Available


(QN24)_Smothered on Giantess Island -On a Giantess Dominated Island, A group of 7 Savage Large women hunted for a male to devour & use in their Tribal Smothering Rituals. The Natives Queen Adrena, SharonT, Kyla, Cinnamon, Sugar, Kali & Ebonique all were very hungry for a male victim. It had been hours since they ate raw meat. Jungle boy found himself in the middle of a Tribal War Dance. The Giantess Natives chanted and danced, circling around jungle boy. Our appetites for destruction were as Big as our Tushes. The Natives demanded humble kneeling with foot kissing. They used jungle boy for their different restricting head scissors & many different physically demanding face & body sitting games for their pleasure. They smothered squished & scissored with all of their asses, pussies & breasts (60 min)  DVD Available


QN23.) Sister Glamazons's United we Stand, Sit & Twist -Bunny Glamazon & Queen conquer a small man with lifting, smothering & more. Bunny demanded worship, then lifted & threw slave titty bear down brutally. Bunny lay on the floor, wrapped her long restricting thighs around slave's head, & pulled him up over her head bringing him face down on the floor. (Awesome) We both squished our captive on the crush bench. We applied various powerful scissor holds, twisting slave like a pretzel. Bunny spanked his little ass hard over her lap with her big hand, with nice red marks. We compared our arms, heights & shoulder spans. A little bit of everything - Erotic view of Amazon’s at play. -DVD Available


QAN22.) PMS Poke Men Severely   Mistresses SharonT & Shelly Poke the holy shit out of the naive carpet man. They walk on him with their high heels stomping and squishing him flat as a pancake. He endures the most sever high heel poking, bare foot walking, & delicious face sitting. Well worth the visual trip with exquisitely funny and real dialogue. All the people in Queen Adrena Tapes are into the Fetishes for Real. DVD Available


QAN20.)-Rapee & Rumble Queen Adrena, Gigantess, Patty, Use and abuse an unsuspecting male passing by on the street. They kidnap him and have their brutal way with him. - DVD Available


QN19.)Smother-870lb-Plunge  DVD Available-Queen Adrena & Patty aka Monique Plunge slave viking boy into their deepest smothering, squishing, face sitting & foot job heaven


QN18.) “Patty's 550 lb Avalanche of Ass" DVD Available  

550lb Mountain Patty’s demanded that slave samson kiss her “naked” sweet & pungent ass for hours. Samson begged to serve as her complete face-fucking chair. He lapped & tongued her ass for hours with his flickering long tongue, probing deep inside her rosebud. She verbally demanded many things. She said; “Slave, spread my cheeks & put your nose on my asshole”, “Now, slave, I’m going to put my asshole on your nose”, “ Sniff Deeper”, “If you’re lucky I will fart on you”. Patty really humiliated samson with severe breath deprivation on her crush bench, smashing him until he PASSED OUT 2 times. She rode his face, smashing his flattened body until she had several orgasms. Then she took him to the bathroom to make him her toilet paper after she peed. Samson was completely Used  & humiliated for her ultimate pleasure. XXXtra delicious & Brutal. (40 min)  


QN17.) “Trampling 870 lb Tango”  DVD Available  

Queen wanted her super-size girl friend 550 lb Mistress Monique (aka Patty) to experience some true Trampling Fun & Dominance.  Queen invited her special trample slave “viking boy” over for a thorough trouncing & pulverizing by the Heaviest woman he’d ever felt smash his mortal flesh & bones before. Slave viking boy was excited, he really wanted to feel her amazing weight grind him down to the ground flat as a pancake.  Monique was everything he had hoped for. He could not dream of ever escaping her Titanic trounces and bounces on his back, tummy and face. After demanding some sensuous foot worship and basic sitting on the crush bench, we decided to dance/trample on Viking boy’s body to the tune of our own version of the Tango. Da da, da da, da da da, we smashed him flat. We just had to sit on his face and we applied some creative squashing moves. When Monique is sitting on viking boy, there is no room for anyone else. At the end, we stripped nude for some wild sitting and trampling in the royal buff. Then we rewarded viking boy with a nice foot job. He spurted to the tune of our feet and massaging hands. This is Monique’s first Trample. Excellent tape, Brutal and sensual. (45 min) 


QN16.) “Giant Mommy’s Humongous Humiliation of baby Teddy”  DVD Available  

Giantess Queen Mommy Adrena (6’3” 320 lb) captures her young macho boy friend ( 5’6” 130 lb Teddy), & overpowers him with humiliating lessons of becoming an adult baby. The Supreme Queen reduces her male toy to becoming a little baby in didies. Queen invited her 5’8” 550 lb girl friend Mount Patty to join in the Infantilism fun. Queen & Patty both overpower their small male slave, forcing him to wear diapers & rubber pants. He must crawl around like a teenie little baby, sucking on his pacifier. He’s so afraid of the Big Strong Mommy’s, he might pee his pants. They lift him, showing their Superior strength & power. He becomes more powerless as they rock him in their strong arms. They verbally taunt him, laughing at him. He’s teased about his teenie weenie. They change his didies, teasing his bare bottom & weenie. He’s forced to suck his thumb, & breastfeed from their Big milk dripping breasts.  We sit on him and smother him as we pour milk over our breasts as we feed him. We spank his bottom over our laps, making him cry.  And we give him a sensuous bath after he stinks up his diapers. (40 min )


 QN15.)“Mount Patty’s 550 lb Love Wrestling ” DVD Available  

Queen shared her Love Wrestling techniques with 5’8”, 550 lb. Mount Patty. Titty Bear our small 5’ 6” 125 lb slave was on the menu. Slave tb sucked her toes & soles giving her Deep Foot. Patty demanded licking upon her erect large nipples. Her Gigantic Ass was planted across his tiny body, enveloping him.  Slave tb kissed & massaged the widest pair of hips in the court. (74”) at first.  He couldn’t reach around her. Patty sat on him full weight as her couch, disappearing in her Massive Mounds of Hot Flesh. Titty bear was swallowed deep inside her ass as she bounced & teased, undulating her sexy big hips all over him. Patty & Queen turned him upside down, then slid him deep inside both of their Asses. Mounting forwards & backwards, Patty sucked the air out of his lungs wickedly. It was then time for the Love Wrestling games. Both Glamazon’s belly flopped his tummy. Patty’s Titanic Tummy pounded across his tiny tummy. Queen & Patty traded head scissors & rolling gSeducevine holds. They squeezed his head tightly in their monstrous thigh locks & he begged for mercy. The ultimate Squashing & Smothering Face sitting moves were next. Queen ordered slave titty bear to offer his tongue to her musky hot pink cave between her thighs. Patty was ready to be orally served. Mt Patty straddled his face, sitting forwards & backwards for long periods of face fucking time. She undulated her hips, bouncing up & down in earthquake shattering moves. She finally lay on her back, commanding titty bear “Lick me now! I will lay back & relax while your tongue does all the rest?” She exploded her creamy cooz onto his fluttering serpent tongue. “Sexy orgasm scene” (45 min)


  QN14.)  Mount Patty’s 550lb Smother Cage DVD Available  

 Beautiful 550 lb Goddess Patty Captured her slave samson deep in her Gigantic Ass. She caged her human throne in her smothering folds of hot horny flesh for deliciously long periods of dangerous suffocating times. Samson was bewitched. He could think of nothing else save being smashed beneath her Gargantuan Ass & body. He was in heaven & hell at the same time.  His lungs were totally deprived of the oxygen he needed to breathe as she applied the most pressure filled different squashing moves. He thought that it would be divine to die beneath her. The desire to awake in the afterlife inside of her Gorgeous Womb of Power had taken over his senses. It was surrealistic to endure the intoxicating pressure & pain. It was dangerous & exciting all at the same time. He’d never met such a woman before, one who would demand as much out of him as he could offer. This is a most sensual yet brutal smothering.  Mount Patty is sensational!! 40 min


QN13.) Mount Patty's First Squash Slave   DVD Available  

  Fast Moving & Brutal to the Max!! (35 min.+ close-ups) Queen invited Patty, a 5’ 8” 550 lb beauty to Squash slave samson. Queen guided her through the squashing, & crushing rituals, showing patty how to flatten her man  & truly enjoy the pain & Pressure she was delivering to slave samson. She’s graceful & limber. She happily delivered her smashing smorgasbord of flesh, forcing samson to say “Mercy” as many times as she could. Inch by inch,  slowly she crushed & flattened his body sideways, forwards, & backwards, until he  cried for MERCY !!  Patty enveloped & dominated samson totally. She captivated & controlled her slave with her sensual & dominating Sphere of Power. He almost passed out as Patty crushed his entire body more & more. Queen guided Patty to slowly devour him, intoxicating him with her sensuality as she flattened the wind out of him with her sheer size. Truly Awesome for sure  


QN12.) Big Bi-titty Romp  DVD Available  

  Queen met big black beauty Melonie rose, ( 5’ 7”- solid 190 lbs. 44JJJ bust), for an evening romp with me & my slave titty bear. It was lust at first site. Melonie's breasts are a wet dream for a breast lover like me.  To be near her exotic smooth skin, & to be captivated by her femininity & titanic tits was an all time high. We talked for a little while. Then we connected breast to breast. We kissed & fondled one another rapturously. Then, queen showed Melonie some of her favorite wrestling holds on her slave. They sat on slave titty-bear together. Then they locked breast to breast in steamy hot romper room play. On the padded mat, queen & Melonie rolled all over each other bodies. Eventually they got nude, squishing titty bear in between their hot naked bodies. A bi-sexual romp of delicious decadence. 40 minutes


QN11.) Lesbian Fight Club  DVD Available  
The young naïve Janine couldn’t afford the tuition for pro-wrestling school. So, Queen Kong agreed to accept barter... Pretty little Janine didn’t know that Queen wanted to dominate her & use her as her sex slave. Airplane spinning her over her head, Queen slammed her down on the mats. Applying head locks & belly bops, & bouncing on her tummy & face with her Big Ass in different smothering & squashing positions. With tight head & body scissors, she grabbed her small breasts, forcing her to kiss Queen’s big tits. Queen sat on the squealing little girl’s face, riding it extremely hard, & totally smothering her.


QN10.) Attack of The Succubus Goddesses  DVD Available  
Queen Adrena & Gigantess became enchanted by the Succubus spirits. They were  overcum with desires to envelope their slave deep inside all their hot juicy crevices. The Succubus Force drove them to meld with their male instrument, molding his male force into becoming one with Their wide abundant hips, fertile bellies, & full breasts intertwined woman to woman- locking hands & taking turns conquering one another breast to breast, in many erotic wrestling positions, while viking boy served as their bed of flesh. We anointed slave with our nude bodily fluids & perspiration. The Giantess Women Sucked the adoration out of their captive slave and then milked his engorged male tool all over their breasts. 


QN9.) Queenie's Sitting Parlor  DVD Available


Mistresses SharonT, Kyla, & Gigantess visited Queen's Sitting Parlor. Queen asked them to subjugate three submissive males with their full bodied sitting games, so Queen could start renting them out. The 3 Dommes sat on their 3 human furniture slaves in 3 different positions in the sitting room.  The 3 Mistresses constantly traded sitting places, keeping their slaves confined & smothered beneath their Big Beautiful bodies. Each slave was flattened, squished, smothered & used as multiple pieces of human furniture.  They sat & they sat & they crushed & they crushed & they ground those slaves down inside of their bottoms round. They scissored & they squeezed & they demanded to be pleased. An extraordinary squishing, foot worshipping, & face fucking time was had by all. A group orgasm was the finale! (70 min) 


QOW1.) Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass in Oil Wrestling DVD Available


Kyla had a date with her skeptical male macho friend who thought no woman can ever beat him. She showed him that a full figured women can outsmart him and out last him in oil wrestling. Very Exotic and slippery & Juicy Dominant Oil Wrestling 


QN8.) Furbella's Footdom & Assitude (60 min)  
Queen gave Mistress Furbella a slave for a day. She  tied her slave, then tramples him slave into submission, demanding foot worship, high heel sucking & licking. She wrestles him down to make a total believer out of him, that a slender Mistress can still kick some ass and then have hers worshipped. She removed her panties and then sat on his face for a long ride. Great Face sitting and high heel trampling.


 QN7.) Homewrecking Man Beating Bitches-  (70 min. ) DVD Available  
Kyla was at her boyfriend Facewalk’s house. She’d been there for a moment before Reyna walked in.  Both women angrily started cat fighting. Kyla & Reyna didn’t know they both had been dating the same loser. They both turned on Facewalk.  They threw him smack down on the carpet. Kyla & Reyna jumped on him, stood on his face, & trampled the holy hell out of every part of his squished body. Kyla stood on Facewalk’s nose, grinding her sneakers into his face. They stomped & kicked him & punched him in his stomach & balls. He was bruised & red & in horrible pain.  Facewalk's furious (350lb) wife Gigantess showed up. .... Then all the wild, angry women joined in the most Brutal beating that you’ve ever seen. ...(see Link above for more description)  With a combined weight of over 800 pounds, they squashed the hell out of Face Walk, & each other! "The Most Brutal Yet for Queenie’s Gang”


QN6.) Queenie's Human Furniture Store ( 70 min. )   DVD Available  
Queen Adrena invited her Mistress friends Sharon T, Mistress Kyla, & Gigantess to shop at her human furniture store. They entered the show room with viking boy laying &  waiting as the welcome carpet for the Mistresses to step on his tummy & face in their heels. They moved on to pony boy kneeling,  with his tongue lapping on their heels.. They stepped on his back with their heels. The human couch, titty bear, continuously offered pleasure with his hands while enduring their sitting. The 3 Dommes were shopping to consider taking their furniture home for their personal use. They ordered their male furniture around, trying the most decadent sitting & trampling positions.  Rolling them around on the carpet in wrestling gSeducevine holds, they exercised their inner thighs with standing head scissors. ...in the Human Bidet Move...Human Bidet Move... “Very Brutal & Sensual” For the pressure, trample, & smother slave lover. 


 QN5.) Foot & Ass Gasms -  DVD Available  
Queen Adrena invites the exotic Latina Mistress Reyna for some XXX exotic Foot & Worship Rituals and kinky games. We started out with having our slave drink champagne from her spike heeled pumps. He showed proper obedience with delicious foot and heel tonguing lessons. Then, we tied him, stripped him of all dignity, teasing him relentlessly. Mistress Reyna used and abused her personal slave for the evening in some intoxicatingly steamy face riding, and grinding. She had many orgasms on her slave's ever ready tongue. (70 min)


QN4.) Wide Women, Wide Ride DVD Available  
Mistress Kyla Kiss introduces new Mistresses Gigantess and Deliciello to Queenie's realm. They trample, squish and smother slave viking boy, forcing him to worship their asses, breasts and feet and to be a piece of human furniture. This video features really WIDE delicious asses. Check out the photos!


QN3.) The Panty Thief’s Pounding DVD Available  
A twerpy little man breaks into Mistress Kyla's apartment while she and Mistress Sharon T are out shopping. They return home to get Kyla's purse and discover that there is an intruder who is wearing Kyla's dirty panties. They wrestle him into submission and force him to orally serve until Mistress Kyla and Mistress Sharon orgasm all over his little face. While Mistress Kyla was toying with his schlong, the little twerp shot a load all over himself. What a mess! Lots of brutal wrestling. Scissors, airplane spins, hip tosses, etc.


QN2.) Bewitched on Planet Vulvaria DVD Available  
On the Planet Vulvaria, Men are mindless brainwashed creatures, bred for domesticated pet for amusement and pleasure. Queen Mother Adrena and her daughters Princess's Kyla & Aurora choose a pet for a day to smother and train for vulvarian servitude in their hot pink temples. They use him as human furniture, squishing him into proper obedience and they smother him in their Royal Asses.


QN1.) Nanny Kyla’s Lessons of Discipline & Sensual Servitude  DVD Available  
Mommy Adrena left her young son in the hands of the full figured strong Nanny Kyla. Little big boy Bobby is a very naughty hyperactive youngster. Bobby was fidgeting and playing with his ball in the house. He was uncontrollable & would not listen until Kyla punched & slapped him....She threw him down, trampling him full weight with her bare feet stomping his tummy, jumping on his tummy & back, taunting him to promise to obey her rules. .. After a long while of smashing his head down flat. She had to spank him over her lap. She finally got him to obey. Then it was time for Sensual Servitude, lessons in lapping.... see pictures and story.

QA69.)"Big Bitches Boot Camp" DVD Available  
 Introducing "Goddess Diabla" our new Big Gorgeous Hunk of Man Smashing Woman- Including the Extraordinary "Goddess Ebonique". Commandant "Queen Adrena" was at the helm instructing the merciless lessons of the day. Sergeant of Punishment, "Ebonique" (weighing in at 240 lbs & standing 5'10" in her pumps) was instructed by the Queen to train Private "Diabla" (weighing in at 350 lbs & standing 5'9" in her low heels - with powerful size 12 feet). We threatened our maggot head slave's to obey all of our wishes without fail, else they might have our long swords and the Queen's machine gun to deal with. Queen threatened to shoot off their balls if they should fail in any way.  Brutal Trampling, sensual Foot Worship, Squashing, Smothering, and Suffocating Rituals....  Diabla has great potential for man eating & smashing. (70 min)


QA68.) Iron Crotch's Ultimate Squish DVD Available  
(55 min) Iron Crotch stands 5’6" & weighs 140 lbs. We had 2 days of Squish parties at two different times with two different groups of girls. This is a trample treat. The first 22 minutes of the tape is Cinnamon @ 300, Sugar @ 270, Sharon @ 175, Ebonique @ 240, Kali @ 400, and Kyla @ 250. This is 1,630 lbs of woman standing on his crotch bare footed, with a small crush board.   Then we had the next group of women, Kyla, Shelly @ 170, Sharon, Aurora @ 175, Ruby @ 110, Sweet Feet @ 220, Kali, Thunder Rose and Queen. Before we squished iron crotch in his second segment, we had all of the men from the Trample Olympics get down on the mat for a group trample train. Then it was back to iron crotch solo. All of the girls did some incredibly high butt drops once again from the couch on his little bones...


QA67.) Trample Olympics 2000 lbs DVD Available  
"Trample Olympics 2000lbs"  Players: Princess's Kyla @250lb & Aurora @175 lbs, Mistress’s Sharon @175lbs, Shelly @170 lbs, Kali @ 400 lbs, Ruby @ 110 lbs, Sweet Feet @ 220 lbs, Thunder Rose @ 350 lbs & Queen Adrena @ 330 lbs (men: viking boy, iron crotch, facewalk, pony boy, matt, & titty bear. Kingfish was there, as a photographer). This is the most brutal Trampling to date in Queenie’s court. At times we had 2000 lbs on top of facewalk all at once. In honor of the 2000 Olympics we performed our most spectacular trampling feats. All of the ladies were clad in their spike heels, & sexy bra’s & panties. They grabbed their victims one at time & marched in a high heel train starting at their crotch’s.  (In the US get this tape for only $35 total including postage, you must see this incredible experience.)


QA66.) Captured Engulfed and Suffocated in Glamazon Land DVD Available  
990 lbs of Glamazon women; Mistress Cinnamon @ 300 lb, Sugar @ 270 lb., Kyla @250, &    Sharon T @ 170 all capture slave smooshie in their Cave of Massively Strong, Constricting flesh. Subjugation at the hands of the Glamazons is much like an anaconda snake capturing & devouring its prey. Slave smooshie was to be mercilessly dominated for his cocky attitude. Then we moved on to the physical over-powerment lessons of the day; total Envelopment, face sitting, forced ass worship, smothering, squashing, & relentless head scissors. The group scissors smash is simply amazing.  See Amazing Ass & Breast Smothering, crushing,   wrestling submission & scissor holds. Many multiple piles of the Gigantic women pounded smooshie until his body writhed & struggled for air repeatedly.


QA65.) Trample School Re-Union DVD available  
Mother & Daughter Team Ruby & Aurora visit Queenie for a Reunion with facewalk and the one and only Sweet Feet. We trampled facewalk and titty bear with heels, & with our bare feet. Sweet Feet has never been better. She showed Aurora and Ruby how much  pressure a true trample devotee like facewalk craves. And his young trample son titty bear tried to keep up with the trample maestro. It's all in the fetish family here. It is quite extraordinarily brutal.


QA64.) Family Foot Affair DVD available  
Queen Invited her dear friend Mistress Ruby for a Foot Fetish And Trampling Party. Ruby asked to being her young curious daughter and Queenie of course agreed. We all had a blast with Foot Fetish Rituals. Then of course we demanded lots of toe and sole licking, along with high heel sucking. Ruby & Aurora trampled titty bear in their bare feet, then their spike high heels. It was delightful to behold. The look of wonder and fascination on both of their face was a true joy to behold.  Ruby & Aurora loved walking on titty bear. Little man titty bear is truly strong and obedient. He had never had his ass tanned quite as strongly as the young Princess enjoyed delivering. Aurora is a natural dominant for sure.  Aurora is a little chubby, she is 5'8" 160 lbs. She has a nice rack on her chest of 36DD's. The mature yet vivaciously lovely Ruby is 120 lbs. They both smothered titty bear good, then delivered one hellatious foot job to his throbbing dong.


QA63.) "The Punk Neighbor's Punishment by Giantess's Kali & Adrena DVD Available  
The Giantess’s Kali (400 lb-5’11") & Adrena (330 lb. 6’3") get revenge upon a size bashing neighbor. The tiny obnoxious male made rude comments about Kali’s size with his friends. So Kali, with Queen as her back up, invited him over for dinner, & made him the main course. He is taught total respect for Big Women. He experienced the Power, Strength and Aggression behind their large bodies. He is lifted, subdued with  our hands around his neck, pounded & slammed into total submission. Then he is squashed flat as a pancake in all of their big curves. Their avalanche of 730 lbs of hot flesh smothered his face and body deeply inside of their asses & Big Breasts. He is scissored, then used as a face-sitting toy for pleasure. Kali has the ride of her life on his face as he is forced to service her gigantic ass for very long time. This is a very unusual display of man mangling with delicious envelopment.


QA62.) "900lbs of Smothering Female Cannibals, Devour Samson"  DVD Available  
(900 lbs of man eating pussy encapsulate, crush & smother slave samson in their hot steaming rounded cleavages of tits & ass.) You have never heard slave samson cry for mercy so many times. Glamazon's Adrena, Cinnamon, & Sugar were hungry for a slave to take a full throttling of smashing crush, letting all of their aggressions out. We crunched him & suffocated his face inside of our asses & underneath our mega full bodies on the wooden very tough crush bench. Then we moved on to the Queen’s custom designed long bench which would accommodate all three Goddess’s riding their slave together. We bounced and rode every inch of our slave’s body brutally. We buried his face deep inside our asses. We relaxed on the couch for a spell of forced panty/pussy worship in between crunches. Finally, we laid him flat on the carpet, where we seiged his face inside of our rosebud cracks. We sensually suffocated him mercilessly. This is an unusually brutal yet very sensual experience with delicious bi fun as well.


QA61.) "Caught in the Big Bitches Trample, Smother trap" changed from "Queen's Birthday Bash & Smash" DVD Available  
Queenie, Mistress SharonT & Ebonique captured viking boy in their den of Foot Worship, Face walking, Face Sitting, Smothering, Trampling, Squashing hell , &d foot job heaven. We decided to subject viking boy to a full Possession of his mind and body with our most sever rituals. This is a deliciously wicked experience of  territorial marking or our slave with   Severe Trampling, (with no padding), complete smothering and some whipping.. We Objectify viking boy by using him as Human Furniture; our human couch, our human chair, and our tongue lapping foot cushion. With bondage, we let him know that he has no choice at all. Then we laid him down flat, walking on his tummy, face, and cock. We threw him on the couch and sat on him full eight there for awhile, smothering and plopping. Then it was on to the crush bench to further subject him to full weight butt drops, and some trampling. We had a very long trampling, smothering and squashing ride, & we rewarded our very good slave with a delicious foot job.


QA60.) "Shelly's Ass Subjugation Lessons" DVD Available  
Mistress Shelly, aka the Burbank Bomber is offered slave titty bear for an evenings entertainment. Queen called upon her to train the new slave with her Royal Ass smothering, scissoring and foot humiliation. Titty bear must prove himself worthy to be moved up the ladder for more body worship rewards. This is a fantastic Ass worship, smothering, trampling, scissoring adventure. Slave titty bear was very lucky indeed to become assimilated deep inside of Amazon Shelly's demanding aromatic ass and feet.


QA58.) "Enveloped in The Abyss of Smothering Glamazons"  DVD Available  

(1,720 lbs) of Earthquake Mamas: Queen Adrena 330lb, Kali 400lb, Cinnamon, 300lb Sugar 270lb, Ebonique 240lb, SharonT 180lb. No one leaves alive from the Amazon’s Awesome abyss. The small male    slave christened "smooshie" is held prisoner in smother, & squashland. The Gulf of Glamazons are a Tidal Wave of Strong Female Flesh that smothers and splashes this slender 5’7" male for the longest time period that any one man has endured the Glamazon group of Massive Mounds of molten Flesh.


QA57.) "Succumb to Giantess Footdom"  DVD Available


Mistress Cinnamon & Sugar's First Foot Job! A Heavy trampling (885 lbs), Big Ass Smothering, Foot Worshipping voyage into the sublime sadistic feet & asses of two Big Black Beauties, & Giantess Queen Adrena. There’s Walking & walking, plopping & plopping, Cinnamon and Sugar go dropping on viking boy’s chest & all of the rest of his flesh. Viking boy gets his reward, as his schlong is stiff as a board.


QA56.) Goddess Kali's 400lb Volcano of Flesh DVD Available


The 400 lb Goddess Kali, a new addition to the Queen's Realm of Squash captured slave samson in her Hot Lava Lair of Smothering and Face Sitting. She Squashed him in every mighty move of her very athletic body. Queen And Kali had a very ecstatic time of flattening samson and demanding complete body worship.


 QA55.) Big Bi-Girl’s Love Rasslin’ & Tramplin’ on mattress - viking boy DVD Available  
BBW Mistress's Cinnamon, & Sugar use and abuse viking boy, making him their human mattress for their full weight bare foot trampling, and face sitting. Then they tied his hands, rendering him helpless. They then made delicious sensual love all over his Squashed body. Sensual & Brutal to the max !


 QA54.) Glamazon's Slamathon DVD Available  
BBW's Queen & Cinnamon, & Sugar capture superboy for a body slamming party. We lifted and threw our little boy around like a basket ball, in airplane spins, body slams, kicking, stompin, head scissors, face sitting, titty teasing and so on. Fantastic strength of the women abounds over the very flexible superboy. This is on of the Best ever wrestling tapes Queen has made. Sugar & Cinnamon will continue to put their men in their place.


 QA53A.) Giantess’s Smother & Squash Orgy  DVD available


Queen, Mistress's Ebonique, SharonT, Cinnamon, & Sugar all rode our slaves duke, titty-bear, and viking boy as horses. We walked on them unendingly as human carpets. We sat on their faces and rode them into orgiastic waves of joy and pounding. There was (1,420lbs) of women thumping, jumping, and bumping.  We steam rolled our human furniture. We sat on them on the couches. We scissored their heads in our guillotine thighs. This is the Best Ever!!


QA49.) Viking Boy's Penance, Punishment, & Purgatory  DVD Available  

Viking Boy had angered the Queen into a  Pummeling Rage Relief. She Rode him with her full weight (324 lbs) with no breaks or mercies as a horse, as a carpet, as her ass mat, as her human couch, & human chair. Queen has never been able to let go this much aggression with someone without a funeral. Viking Boy endured his punishment, and repented with true submission. He was trembling from fear of what the angry Queen would do.  Exquisite for the Trampling, and ass Squashing Pressure Fetishist’s.


 QA48.) Iron Balls Collides with the 867 lb Wrecking Crew DVD Available  

Queen Adrena, Goddess Ebonique, And Amazon Ariel (without her nylons for the very first time) gang up on little man "Iron Crotch" They squish squash him on the ground, on the crush bench. They do many different pressure filled pile ups. They ride on the little surf board all together on his crotch. This is truly Unbelievable that such a small man can endure so much flattening. He even gives us a bouncing ride. We Jump and plop, and butt drop. A Fantastic Journey into the  Sensational & Surreal World of Squishing.


 QA47.) Amazon's 567 lb Assimilation of Iron Crotch DVD Available  

Starring Goddess Ebonique in her most aggressive & beautiful dominance ever. She captures the little mighty man "Iron Crotch" in the Queen's special loft. The Queen assists in some incredible scenes. But if you are a fan of Ebonique, you get to see more of her than ever before. We walk on, trample on, jump on, face sit on, smother, and assimilate the cute little strong man in all their cleavages and powerful flesh & feet,. They go surfing on his crotch with a little surf board applying both of their weights right on his balls. It is truly incredible. They go nude for some delicious squash fucking scenes that are wonderful also.


  QA46.) Kyla's In the Buff Face Fuck DVD Available  

Princess Kyla's graduation Party with slave pony boy as her private property. She tied him, whipped his firm buns. She teased him with her enormous Breasts in his face, demanding tons of 46HH titty worship. She then untied him & put him down on the carpet for some full 230 lb weight trampling on his back, tummy & face. She demanded high heel worship, bare foot worship, using him as her human furniture in many ways.  Her grand finale is when she mounted him on the crush bench where she smothered & fucked his face raw until she exploded,  her juices dripping into his lapping mouth. go to   Kyla's collection- special discounts for November.


 QA45.) Simply Sitting  DVD Available


Queen & Kyla captured a small man by the name of Dyonisis. He is 5'7" 130 lb. We really had alot of fun with Dyonisis. He visited us from out of state. He planned his trip to match Kyla's trip to California. He was such a crunchable munchable. He really enjoyed pressure on his chest and face. We applied all of our weight on him on the skinny crush bench first. On this bench you have no room for mistakes. And you feel the pressure even more because our butt cheeks wrap around you more on the skinny little top of it. Then we went to the couch where we devoured little dyonisis in every conceivable sitting position.


 QA44.) Lady & The Trampoline


Starring Mistress Santana and Bouncer Boy. This is Brutal, Sexy Foot Worship. Great Face Sitting, Tummy Jumping, Facewalking & more. The pictures speak a thousand words. Bouncer Boy could not speak at all when Santana squished his face with her standing feet.


  QA43.) Enorma's 500 lb Nude Avalanche Crushes samson DVD Available  
Mistress "Enorma" invited slave samson over to her private domain for a very special & Brutal afternoon of Amazing Ass Worship & Savage Squashing. The wicked, strong, solid, buxom 500 lb blond Mistress knows exactly how to throw her weight around on samson’s flattened body. She demanded that his tongue serve every inch of her never ending curves. She buried his face in every crevice of her BBW body as she envelopes his face & body completely.


 QA42.) Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists  DVD Available  

Queen & her Sadistic Topless Trio; Mistress's Sharon, Shelly, & Santana, kidnapped an executive at the airport. We handcuffed, & blindfolded him. Then we interrogated him to get the information we had contracted to get, with our most brutal foot pounding, jumping, face walking, foot choking, & face sitting ever delivered by the Avenging Foot Angels.


  QA41.) Mat Man's Mashacre by Mistress SharonT  DVD Available  
Starring Mistress Sharon 46DD sz 9 & 1/2 beautiful feet inducts the new slave "mat man" into the Realm of the Queen's Foot & Ass Slave's. Superb Foot Degradation, Tummy Trampling, Foot , Heel & Ass Worship, Pressure Smother & so much more.


 QA40.) In the Nude Squash Mood 550 lbs of Titanic Tits & Colossal Asses  DVD Available


Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla capture Samson in their secret Lair of Nude Squash Rituals. Their Big Bare Round Beautiful Butts & Bosoms entrance & captivate Samson deep in their Nude Creamy Crevices. We knew that we could apply as much pressure and weight as we wanted with samson. The Bigger the Better for him. 80 min.


 QA39.) Death of A Pizza Boy- A Fatal Squashing Affair  DVD Available  
2 BBW's Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla Captured & Punished the Pizza Delivery man who dared to eat their pizza. They Squashed the Holy Hell out of the insolent little worm With their 550 lbs of Massive Asses & Breasts. They Crushed Him & Suffocated him to Death. And they laughed at his Torment.


 QA38.) Viking Boy's DeFeet  DVD Available  
starring Amazon's Ariel, SweetFeet & viking boy. The Big Beautiful Women capture the strong slave viking boy & decide to have a contest to see how many please for mercy they can extract out of him with their Dominant Feet & Asses.


  QA37.) Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet & Drowned in a Golden Tidal Wave DVD Available  

Queen & Kyla initiate slave pony boy as Kyla's private property. He endures whipping, Trampling, Fantastic Ass & Breast Smothering, Face Sitting, &  Squashing to the max. Incredible double 550 lb pony ride. Then Queen instructs Kyla in the art of golden wine dispensing.


 QA36.) Rug Man's Demise


Polynesian Princess Santana & Mistress Shelly decide to hold auditions for a domestic foot slave. The test includes face walking, body trampling, face-sitting, sensual foot worship with heels and bare painted toe nails.


 QA35.) Mikey Licks It All  Queen Adrena & Mistress Magick  DVD Available  

Queen &Mistress Magick tie & whip, & subjugate little slave Mikey. Then they force him into total humiliation of smelling all of their cracks, and scintillating aromas, under the arms, inside their asses. He must lick all of the dirty spots clean. Our rosebuds were worshipped and cleaned properly. Then he must drink any holy champagne that is dispensed into a glass and in the bath tub.


 QA34.) Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry - In the Torrid Temple  of Trample & Squash

Queen Adrena, (320 lbs.), invites Princess Kyla, (230 lbs sz 9 feet), her beautiful full bodied, (46HH), protégé', to her First day of Full Weight Squashing of men. There was 550 lbs with the two Amazons administering Trampling, Squashing, Face Sitting, Foot Worship, Horsie Riding, a little whipping & so much more. A  very revealing, (topless),  & sexy, ( teenie bikini panties), experience. Kyla's a natural Squasher. And pony boy endured his punishing lessons quite well. He made the BBW Queen & Princess feel Powerful, Beautiful & exhaulted.

(QA-NS03) “Sampler 2003”


 32 tapes 3-5 min samples; (QN30) "Squash Smother Splat", (QN29) "Wrestling Whip Fighting Bitches From Hell", (QN28) “ Doomed by the Dickhead Stompers” , (QN27) “Young Dommes Just Gotta Kick Ass, (QN26) “Class Reunion- Payback Smash ” , (QN25) “Giantess Testosterone Terminators”, (QN24) “Smothered on Giantess Island” , (QN23) “Sister Glamazon's United we Stand, Sit & Twist”, (QN22) “PMS Poke Men Severely”, (QN20) “ Rp & Rumble”, (QN19) “Smother 870 lb Plunge”, (QN18)  “Patty’s 550 lb Avalanche of Ass”, (QN17) "Trampling 870 lb Tango", (QN16) “Giant Mommy’s Humongous Humiliation of baby Teddy”, (QN15)“ Mount Patty’s 550 lb Love Wrestling ”, (QN14) “Mount Patty's 550lb Smother Cage”, (QN13) “”Mount Patty's First Game of Squash”, (QN12) "Big Bi-Titty Romp", (QN11) “ Lesbian Fight Club”, (QN10) "Attack of The Succubus Goddesses", (QAN3) "The Panty Thief’s Pounding", (QAN4 ) "Wide Women, Wide Ride ",(QAN6) "Queenie's Human Furniture Store ", (QAN7) "Home-wrecking Man Beating Bitches ", (QAN9) "Queenie's Sitting Parlor ”, (QOW1) " Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass ", (QA69.) “Big Bitches Boot Camp”, (QAN8.) " Furbella's Footdom & Assitude ", (QN1) “Nanny Kyla's Lessons of Discipline”  (QN2) “Bewitched on Planet Vulvaria”  (QA67)  “Trample Olympics 2000”, (QA63) “Punk Neighbor's Punishment”, (QA65) “Trample School Reunion . (2 hrs- $5- or free with order if you ask)



QA33.) 10k 2nd Annual Facewalk Party 1999 DVD Available


The Ladies in attendance were the Fabulous Mistress Shelly 5'9", a mere 160 lbs., size 10 feet, Goddess Ebonique 5'9" 230 solid lbs, size 10 feet, Mistress Sweet Feet (unveiling her beautiful face) 5'9" 200 lb. size 10 feet, Princess Ariel  6'2" 230 lb. size 12 feet, Lady Ayhla a sister Dominatrix, 135 lb. 5'7" size 6 feet, & last but not least Goddess Star Dust, visiting from out of state, 5'8" 160 lb. size 9 feet.


  QA32.) 530 lb. Delilah Gets Sexy  DVD Available


Delilah reveals her Gargantuan Beauty in a teenie red bikini- Size Comparisons, a weigh in, and lots of squashing & smothering!


 QA31.) The Fresh Richie is taught Manners with Scissors & Face  Sitting Pins - A classic dominant wrestling treat.  DVD Available  

Richie & Queenie had a date to meet for simple cuddling. And the naughty young man could not keep his hands off Queenie's long strong legs peeping out from her very short sexy skirt and white lace panties. Queen must put him in his place with her Lessons of Head Scissors, School Boy Pins and Dominant Wrestling with lots of face sitting & tormenting teasing. Excellent Role play.


 QA30.) Big Buns Smother Bonanza DVD Available  
See New BBW faces: "Mistress Priscilla", Mistress "Jen Marie" & "Shelly" in the wildest Foot worship, ass smothering, heavy face sitting & whipping Orgiastic time.


QA29.) Amazon's Smothering & Scissoring Orgy DVD Available  
Shelly & Ebonique capture two male pets in their anaconda thighs, smothering ass's & sz 10 feet


QA28.) Mighty Mouse's Visits Foot & Thighland  DVD Available


Queen, Ebonique, Sadie scissor, smother, and foot dominate little man


QA27.) Delilah's 550 lb. Monstrous Mash DVD Available


slave samson - see more of her gargantuan curves in smothering & crushing action


QA26.) Black Delilah's 550lbs of Crush  
Delilah's first Squash experience with samson


QA25.) Giantess Trample Fest Volume I  
2,330 lbs. of Woman All Over You!! at Magick's house 1998


QA24.) Big Ass Smotherland Smash DVD Available


Delilah, Ebonique, Queen, Magick, Rose Squash samson & matt to together  in  Amazing Big Ass Style


QA23.) Hooked On Cracks DVD Available  
Queen's & Magick's Decadent Ass Smother & Humiliation


QA22.) Queen's Royal Ass Subjugation DVD Available


Queen & slave "Sitting Face"


QA21.) Titanic Tramplethon I- (1,350lb of Gigantic Women Squash & Trample) DVD Available


Queen, Ariel, Magick, Sweet- Feet, Lolita, Sadie


 QA20.) Titanic Tramplethon volume II  DVD Available


Queen, Delilah, Rose, Magick, Sadie, Sweet Feet


QA19.) Colossal Squashathon DVD Available  
Delilah, Queen, Magick, Rose, Sweet Feet, Sadie


QA18.) Valkyrie's Plunder of Viking Boy


Queen, Ariel, Lola, Sadie ride the boy to Valhalla  (910 lbs.)


QA17.) Double Date Trample From Hell DVD Available


Princess's Sadie & Lola taste trample blood for the first time.


QA16.) Sexxy Sadie's Footdom


Sadie & foot slave "Tramplee"


QA15.) Giantess Crush's Mighty Mouse DVD Available


Queen Giantess Adrena captures a tiny man 5'6"-  120 lb in her smothering, lifting, face sitting, scissoring and teasing Lair of Delicious Dominance.


QA14.) Triple Trample


Queen, Ariel & Mika stomp, jump, Squash and smash & trash slave samson


QA13.) Strictly Foot Fetish I  DVD Available  
Queen & small male foot slave zorro  - Very Sensual Foot- Schlong interreaction   


 QA12.) Rhonda Return To Footdom


Great Stuff - The Queen & Princess capture some foot torture fun with slave eddie.  This is a delicious view of the Princess after a long absence. She always had a wicked foot domination streak in her.


QA11.) Giantess Queen Crushes & Smothers Samson I  DVD Available


This is the first tape the Queen made with Samson the strongest crush man alive.


QA10.) Domestic Demolition


Queen (300 lb) & Ariel ( 250 lb) use & abuse slave smiley- he takes alot of pressure & weight. He loves our feet adoringly while we trample him very heavy- very Brutal 


QA9.) Strictly Smothering  DVD Available


Queen sits & applies serious breath deprivation to slave Frenchy in many heavy face sitting positions.


QA8.) The Bride & The Doomed


Introducing the Unbelievable Sadistic Amazon 6'1" 175 lb.sz.11 Foot Goddess Jewels  


QA7.) Sister Queen's Of Crush 


Queen & Magick Squash & Smother samson brutally - Magick's First time in the   Squash Games. She was great.


QA6.) Spanking & Smothering School DVD Available


Queen dominates spanks & smothers two small students "Mika" & "Jr."


QA5.) Savage Wrestling Seduction


Queen shows her smart ass opponent her wrestling boots, scissors and submission holds with delicious ass smothering in the end :)


  QA4.) Queen Ties, Tickles, Spanks & Teases slave girl Mika till  she pees  

Xcellent tickling tape


QA3.) Women In Black- "1,050 lb.Trample Attack DVD Available


Queen Adrena @ 320 lb, Supersize Delilah @ 530 lb. & Mistress Sweet Feet @ 200 lb. are the most brutal pissed off Women with a Vengeance collecting sweet revenge on a swindling con-artist.


QA2.) Gang Foot Bang


Queen & Magick teach their young girls how to tease &torment a young virgin foot boy. Lots of demanding foot & ass games. nice body walking.


QA1.) Mommy Adrena's Panties & Feet  DVD Available


Queen, Ariel & Mika demand lots of heel worship while keeping baby down on his knees, they change his diaper, lift him & force him to smell their smelly panties.


10 yrs ago in Princess Rhonda & Queen Adrena’s Pagan Temple:


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