"Queenie's Sitting Parlor" [QN9]

     Three of Queen’s best friends; Mistress SharonT, Kyla, & Gigantess visited Queen Adrena's Sitting Parlor. Queen asked them to subjugate the three submissive males with their full bodied sitting games, to train them further, so that Queen could start renting them out. The 3 Dommes sat on the 3 human furniture slaves in 3 different positions in the sitting room. Sharon @ 175 lbs planted her bikini clad buns on slave titty bear on the crush bench. She rode his face with her grinding pelvis, & attacked him with her voracious breast smothering also. Mistress Kyla @ 250 lbs sat on slave viking boy on the edge of the couch enveloping his head deep inside her ass forwards and backwards in her Breath depriving Buns. She was relentless in her face fucking, and head scissoring vigor. Gigantess sat on slave pony on the carpet, smothering him deep inside of her 350 solid lbs, with totally crushing face entrapment. The 3 Mistresses constantly traded sitting places and kept their slaves confined and smothered beneath their sensational sitting bodies.

     Each slave was flattened, squished, smothered and used as  multiple pieces of human furniture. The 3 Mistresses kept moving to test the different slaves Squashing & Sitting abilities. Pony boy gave everyone amazing pony rides on his back, including the 350 lb Gigantess. They sat and they sat and they crushed and they crushed and they ground those slaves down inside of the bottoms round. They scissored & they squeezed and they demanded to be pleased. A extraordinary squishing, foot worshipping, and face fucking time was had by all. Especially at the end with a group orgasm.

sitrm-3g1.jpg sitrm-3horse2.jpg sitrm-gig-piggy1.jpg sitrm-gig-ffck1.jpg
sitrm-grp-fwsit.jpg sitrm-hrs-3g-3.jpg sitrm-shr-sit-ktrmp.jpg sitrm-shr-brst-w2.jpg
sitrm-shr-ffs1.jpg sitrm-pbck-sh1a.jpg sitrm-shr-kyl-frdassw.jpg sitrm-shr-assw-4.jpg

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