"Queenie's Human Furniture Store"[QN6]

           Queen Adrena invited her friends Mistress Sharon T (for Terrible), Mistress Kyla, and Gigantess to come and shop at her human furniture store. When they first entered the show room, there was viking boy laying on his back waiting to be tested as the welcome carpet with the Mistresses stepping on his tummy in their heels. Then they moved on to pony boy kneeling waiting to be their shoe shine lapping slave that they could step on his back with their heels. Then it was on to slave titty bear, the human couch with massing hands to massage anywhere and everywhere.  

a-shoe-buffer.jpg aq-furn-sh-gig-heels2.jpg bq-furn-str-3-hrs-hls.jpg k-heels-.jpg
q-furn-sh-ttrain.jpg q-furn-sh-k-sitcch.jpg q-furn-sh-shar3.jpg q-furn-sh-fac-frced-ass.jpg
qfurn-str-group4.jpg q-furn-str-grp5.jpg q-furn-sh-std-hd-scisg.jpg q-furnstr-groupb.jpg
q-furn-str-grp6.jpg q-furn-str-k-g-brst-wrsh.JPG q-furnpstr-3forw-sit.jpg q-h-furn-3-asses.jpg

          The three Mistresses really got wild with the testing of their potential human furniture. They ordered them around trying the most decadent sitting and trampling positions of human furniture. The Breast holders were a favorite piece of furniture, and the coffee table came in very handy. The Mistresses all wanted to try them out as live pieces of exercise machines also. They would lay on them and roll them around in their grapevine hold, then they exercised their inner thighs with the standing head scissors. Kyla came up with a name that is very special., the Bidet piece of furniture. That is where the female has her slave on his knees and she captures his face deep inside of her puss & ass crevices, stretching his neck and back to the max while she rides his face standing up. Each Mistress had her fun with this. Then of course they had to use all three slaves at once in a trample train. This is truly one of the most exquisite tapes ever by Queenie and Gang. 

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