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Queen Kong's Acting Résumé

aka Matilda the Hun

FILM: (Partial List)

    blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) MEET WALLY SPARKS (Rodney Dangerfield) "Stumbling Party Guest" Who           crushes People

    blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) T. REX (Whoopi Goldberg) "The Meanest Lady Truck Driver in the World"

   blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) BRAINSMASHER (Andrew Dice Clay) "Big Tough Burlesque Queen"

  blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) CLUB FED FEATURE "Bumbling Hit Woman"

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE "College Wrestling Coach"


 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) SPACEBALLS (MEL BROOKS) "Bearded Lady


 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) DEATHSTALKER II Amazon Warrior "featuring the BEST male vs. Female               Battle" ever seen on film- fifteen rounds to the Death

TELEVISION: (Partial List)

*GLOW* - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - Starring "Matilda the Hun" The Worlds Most Villianess Giantess - 4 years in National & Worldwide syndication

  blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Married With Children (Biker Chick)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) America's Funniest People

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Dream On

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Nightcourt - 2 episodes (Trucker & Secretary)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Parker Lewis (Biker Chick)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Saved By the Bell (Karate Woman Instructor)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) In Living Color (Jim Carey's Wife)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Nickelodeon "What Would You Do" 6 episodes

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Mama's Family (Masked Mable - professional wrestler)

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Win Lose or Draw - "CELEBRITY GUEST" 10 Episodes

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Good Morning America- "Celebrity Guest"

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Joan Rivers "Celebrity Guest"

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) Gong Show Co-Host 14 episodes

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) MTV-Aerosmith - "Love In an Elevator"

 blrnd09.gif (132 bytes) ROLLER DERBY - Skated for 5 years with - Chicago Hawks - New York Bombers-       Detroit Devils - Texas Outlaws - televised nationally

SPECIAL SKILLS* - Singing, Stand-Up Comedy, Theatrical fighting.

SLAM-A-GRAMS - (A comedy wrestling telegram with an attitude)

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