"Class Reunion Payback Smash"[QN26]

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2 Big Crushing Bitches Ebonique & Shelly Get Even

Amazon’s Shelly & Ebonique attended their high school reunion where they met up with their smart ass little twirp from the past. He took them up on their invitation to their hotel room where they entrapped him in their pay back scheme. He had called them Fat & weak! They instantly forced him to his knees. They attacked him with their savage thighs, forcing him to sniff each other’s asses. They squeezed & crushed him inside their tight head scissors & ass crunching moves. He was demoralized & weakened, gasping for air as they smothered him mercilessly inside their muscular, strong, enveloping asses, thighs, breasts & pussies. They pummeled the little puke who’d insulted them long ago. They loved punishing the little infidel. Smooshie could not hide his arousal, his little weenie was firm & throbbing. Ebonique & Shelly laughed poking fun at his teenie hard weenie, as they both took turns fucking his face good, grinding his face deeply into their vulvarian pelvic pile drivers and wide hungry asses. Smooshie could barely move at all. He struggled for breath inside their gigantic constriction. Great Full Weight Pressure Fetish & Sexy Smothering   Shopping Cart 

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