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For Long Complete story by Queen Adrena + Bigger more XXX pictures and Mpegs- Join www.queenadrena.net

        "Queen's Royal Ass Subjugation " - The Queen's most complete ass subjugation of a slave ever caught on video with Queen in her most vivid voracious vulvarian voluptuousness. Slave "sitting face" (5'7" 140 lb.) endures all of Queen's favorite dominant possession games, starting with foot worship, cock & ball bondage, light spanking, then ...an unforgettable journey into complete ass subjugation; prolonged smothering ( fantastic breath deprivation in many positions) into her massive ass cheeks... slave sitting face begs to be released and allowed to breath, but Queen only allows small gasps until she gets her fill, then unending face riding service afterwards. Slave is rewarded for giving his Queen such a good face ride with the rare privilege of breast cock teasing. Queen's most delicious XX tape yet. This is for you who love Breath deprivation, and erotic smothering and body worship. (and deeply humiliating aroma's and a little nectar of natural champagne) 55 min.

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