"Rug Man's Demise" (QA36)

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" Rug Man's Demise" 70 min (Starring "Shelly", "Santana" & "little man footsie",he’s 5’5" 120 lb) Their personal ad read: "Wanted: Domestic Human Carpet for Two very Sexy Dominant Foot Goddess's". Mistress's Shelly & Santana wanted a personal foot slave toy to own & to keep around the house on the floor to entertain them at their beckon call. Little Foostsie applied for the job. Their soft yet firm soles flattened him firmly on the carpet immediately, while they put him through all the paces of what they truly want out of a personal foot slave such as : very erotic & humiliating art of foot & heel worship. Both Mistress's demanded to have their sweaty toes & shoes smelled & sucked with their high heels deep throat.

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They walked on his chest & face relentlessly, he groaned & moaned with each pounding thrust of their feet. They stood on his head & it almost popped. They applied their punishing strong, & tightly squeezing head scissors, used in many different creative positions. He could not breathe in their suffocating thigh vice grip. They toyed with his throbbing hard schlong. He was a mere human chair & couch. He was used & abused for hours. He whined too much, so they are still looking- any more slaves want to Apply for their

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Video Photography by "Krazy Ken"

Stills by "Casper"