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Queen Adrena's Fetish Videos Presents


"Sexxy Sadie's Footdom"

  65 minutes $35. plus $5. postage

This is the most unusually provactive, sensually titillating foot worship & tantalizing trampling that Princess Sadie has done to date. I got horny watching it. Don't miss this one and watch the Growth of the joyous and beautiful Princess Sadie. She really loves using her feet to dominate tramplee and forcing him to lap her toes & soles for prolonged pleasure.

After a long day at the office, Sadie came home to hubby (Tramplee) for some relaxation. She was pissed off at her dominant male boss, & wanted a man at her feet. Tramplee bowed & tried to please her by massaging her tired feet- but he wasn't doing it quite right. So she instructed him how, starting at her smelly tired feet encased in nylons & heels all day long. He bowed reluctantly kissed & smelled her stinky feet. She commanded his adoring lips to her beautiful feet & long beautiful toe nails, & nice arches, then each & every toe one at a time. After Sadie had to make an emergency trip back to the office, she came back more bitchy & with bare dirty feet. Slave Tramplee was ordered to lick the dirt off her bare soles. He grimaced, but knew if he did not obey, she would keep bitching. As his tongue lapped & sucked her beautiful size 10's, he could feel her sensuality growing. She still had a lot of pent up aggression to let out. She needed to Trample him bad, & so she did. She walked on his tummy & his face, grinding in her feet slowly & provocatively at times. Then, at other times she just stood full weight (150lbs.) and let her feet sink in She stuck her feet wherever she felt like it. She was getting off big time.

She had a man at her Feet adoring her & begging her to do anything she wished. She wished to have her ass kissed next. She was getting rather horny. So she sat on his face full weight and rode a little. But to make sure he never takes her for granted, she trampled him some more, until he promised to do whatever she wanted. She wanted a nice long face ride. So, she sat on his upturned face & rode for a very long time, until the waves of orgasm enfolded her glorious plump ass and cherry pie. She bounced and trounced and ground her pelvis into his nose hard. She sat forwards & backwards, barely letting him breath. Tramplee begged for air, but he was not allowed to have any, not until she had her face sitting satisfaction, And so she did....

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