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Queen Adrena’s Real Fetish Video"s

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Sampler Nine (QAS6.)

2 full hours of 2-3 minute video clips on these 38 tapes from the complete price list. No one else offers samplers of their products. This is a great way to decide which tape has the fetish ingredients you are looking for. $30. + 5 postage

Complete List of Samplers


Complete Ordering Information

1. )"Amazon’s 567 lb. Assimilation of Iron Crotch"- starring Queen Adrena, & Ebonique, & slave Iron Crotch ( nudity)

2.) "Iron Balls Collides with the 867 lb. Wrecking Crew"- Ariel, Ebonique, Queen Adrena, slave Iron Crotch ( nudity)

3.) "The Fresh Richie is Taught Manners with Scissors & Pins"- Queen in New York in white lace bikini- & some topless

4.) "Super Boys’s Test of Strength with Queen Kong" Queen capture small boy in New york for tramling, squashing and smothering. (revealing bikini)

5.) "Enorma’s 500 lb Nude Avalanche on slave samson" (nudity)

6.) "Kyla’s In the Buff Face Fuck"- Princess Kyla & Pony boy’s ultimate trampling, whipping, squashing, foot fetish, and Face fucking.(nudity)

7.) " Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists"- Mistress’s Sharon, Shelly, Santana, & Queen. (teenie thongs & topless)

8.) "Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet, & Drowned in A Golden tidal Wave." Kyla, Queen and pony boy. ( nudity & sexy lingerie)

9.) "Mat Man’s Mashacre by Mistress Sharon T"- Mistress Sharon T demolishes mat man with her feet, heels, tramping, and ass smothering.(Sharon is in pasties & teenie thong)

10.)"In the Nude Squash Mood"- Queen & Princess Kyla Squash slave samson in all their nude smashing & smothering glory. (nudity)

11.)"Lady & the Trampoline"- Santana & Bouncy boy ( topless)

12.) "Death of A Pizza Boy"- Queen & Kyla Thrash & Trash the naughty pizza boy with their unending ass squashing, smothering and Feet on the bare cock. (topless)

13.) "Viking Boy’s Defeet"- Amazon’s Ariel & Sweet Feet Trample and Squash viking boy.( sexy lingerie)

14.) "Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry"- Kyla & pony boy with Queen Adrena demonstrating full weight trampling, face sitting, ass & breast smothering , foot & heel worship (topless)

15.) "Rug Man’s Demise"- Mistress’s Shelly & Santana double team trample little man footsie. (peakaboo lingerie & heels)

16.) " Simply sitting by Big Bodies Babes" Queen & Kyla assimilate little man Dyonisis. We give him pressure and every sitting position possible on the all the benches. (revealing lingerie)

17.) "Big Buns Bonanza" Priscilla, Jen Marie, Shelly, & Queen with two slaves stuffed in their asses. Semi-nudity-topless and t-back bikinis- very nasty!

18.) "Amazon’s Smothering & Scissoring Orgy"- Shelly & Ebonique with two slaves swap scissors and punishing face sitting moves. (teenie bikini & topless)

19.) "520 Delilah Get Sexy" & squashes Samson.

20.) "2nd Annual 10K Facewalk Party tape 1" 10- girls and 9 guys in Queen’s backyard

21.) "2nd Annual 10K Facewalk Party tape 2"

22.) "Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland" Queen, Eboonique, & Sadie

23.) "Mikey Licks It All" Queen & Mistress Magick with slave Mikey (nudity)

24.) "Big Ass Smotherland Smash" Queen, Magick, Rose, Delilah, & Ebonique on slave’s samson & matt.

25.) "Titanic Tramplethon I" (1,350 lbs.)Queen, Magick, Sadie, Sweet Feet, Amazon Ariel, & Lolita Sexy Lingerie and trampling in Heels on facewalk.

26.) "Titanic Tramplethon II" (1,850 lbs) Delilah, Thunder Rose, Queen Adrena, Mst. Magick, Sweet Feet, Princess Sadie on facewalk.

27.) "Royal Ass Subjugation" Queen captures her number one ass worshipper in her smothering crevices and juices. ( full nudity)

28.) "Hooked On Cracks"- Queen & Mistress Magick’s most juicy ass revealing performance. Our little slave man is smashed in all of our cracks.

29.) "Valkyrie’s Plunder of Viking Boy"- Queen, Ariel, Sadie, Lolita trample viking boy

30.) "Delilah’s 550 lb Monstrous Mash" Delilah and samson

31.) "Double Date Trample From Hell"- Sadie & Lolita trample the holy hell out of two slaves with their heel poking and bare feet face & chest, & crotchwalking.(topless)

32.) "Giantess Queen crushes Samson I"- Queen’s solo squashing & trmpling and face sitting of samson, great breath deprivation scenes.

33.) "Giantess Crushes Mighty Mouse"- Queen grabs, lifts, scissors, devours, and demands ass and breast worship and smothering.

34.) ""Sexy Sadie’s Footdom" Sadie & tramplee- very sensual trampling & face sitting

35.) " The Bride & the Doomed"- slave Eddie is overpowered by his Goddess wife Jewels’ trampling feet and suffocating scissors & face sitting.(topless and semi-nudity)

36.) "Princess Rhonda’s Return to Footdom" Rhonda and Queen use & abuse slave eddie with their heels, boots, & bare feet. ( topless)

37.) "Colossal Squashathon" (1,850 lbs) Delilah, Thunder Rose, Sweet Feet, Queen Adrena, Magick & Princess Sadie all squash facewalk & Matt

38.) "Domestic Demolition" Queen & Amazon Ariel demolish slave smiley. He is trampled very brutally. (topless and sexy lingerie and some heels.)

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