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(QA-NS03) “Sampler 2003”


 32 tapes 3-5 min samples; (QN30) "Squash Smother Splat", (QN29) "Wrestling Whip Fighting Bitches From Hell", (QN28) “ Doomed by the Dickhead Stompers” , (QN27) “Young Dommes Just Gotta Kick Ass, (QN26) “Class Reunion- Payback Smash ” , (QN25) “Giantess Testosterone Terminators”, (QN24) “Smothered on Giantess Island” , (QN23) “Sister Glamazons United we Stand, Sit & Twist”, (QN22) “PMS Poke Men Severely”, (QN20) “ Rp & Rumble”, (QN19) “Smother 870 lb Plunge”, (QN18)  “Patty’s 550 lb Avalanche of Ass”, (QN17) "Trampling 870 lb Tango", (QN16) “Giant Mommy’s Humongous Humiliation of baby Teddy”, (QN15)“ Mount Patty’s 550 lb Love Wrestling ”, (QN14) “Mount Patty's 550lb Smother Cage”, (QN13) “”Mount Patty's First Game of Squash”, (QN12) "Big Bi-Titty Romp", (QN11) “ Lesbian Fight Club”, (QN10) "Attack of The Succubus Goddesses", (QAN3) "The Panty Thief’s Pounding", (QAN4 ) "Wide Women, Wide Ride ",(QAN6) "Queenie's Human Furniture Store ", (QAN7) "Home-wrecking Man Beating Bitches ", (QAN9) "Queenie's Sitting Parlor ”, (QOW1) " Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass ", (QA69.) “Big Bitches Boot Camp”, (QAN8.) " Furbella's Footdom & Assitude ", (QN1) “Nanny Kyla's Lessons of Discipline”  (QN2) “Bewitched on Planet Vulvaria”  (QA67)  “Trample Olympics 2000”, (QA63) “Punk Neighbor's Punishment”, (QA65) “Trample School Reunion . (2 hrs- $25- or free with order if you ask)



QAS2001.) Sampler 2001  $20.00

 Free with any tape order- you must mention it. (not released yet) QN20.) “ Rp & Rumble”, (not released yet) QN19.) “Smother 870 lb Plunge”, QN18.)  “Patty’s 550 lb Avalanche of Ass”, QN17.) "Trampling 870 lb Tango", QN16.) “Giant Mommy’s Humongous Humiliation of baby Teddy”, QN15.)“ Mount Patty’s 550 lb Love Wrestling ”, QN14.) “Mount Patty's 550lb Smother Cage”, QN13.) "Mount Patty's First Game of Squash”, QN12.) "Big Bi-Titty Romp", QN11.) “ Lesbian Fight Club”, QN10.) "Attack of The Succubus Goddesses", QAN3.) "The Panty Thief’s Pounding", QAN4. ) "Wide Women, Wide Ride ", QAN5.) " Foot & Ass Gasms ", QAN6.) "Queenie's Human Furniture Store ", QAN7.) " Homewrecking Man Beating Bitches ", QAN8.) " Furbella's Footdom & Assitude ", QAN9.) "Queenie's Sitting Parlor ”, QOW1.) " Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass "


QAS7.) Sampler 2000 $22.00
1.) Nanny Kyla's Lessons  2.) Bewitched on Planet Vulvaria   3.) Trample Olympics 2000   4.) Punk Neighbor's Punishment   5.) Trample School Reunion   6.) Captured, Engulfed and Suffocated in Glamazon Land   7.) Family Foot Affair   8.) 900lbs Female Cannibals Devour slave samson  9.) Succumb to Giantess Footdom   10.) Goddess Kali's 400lb Volcano of Flesh   11.) Shelly's Ass Subjugation   12.) Adrena's Birthday Bash and Smash   13.) Giantess Smother, Squash & Trample Orgy   14.) Big Bi-Girl's Love Rasslin & Tramplin'   15.) Viking Boy's Penance, Punishment & Purgatory   16.) Enveloped in the Abyss of smothering Glamazons  17.) Glamazons Slamathon


Add postage to price of sampler-   (plus $5.for 1-3 tapes , $1. per additional tape shipping in US) and ($5.per tape in Europe per tape)

Buy any 3 Samplers for $50.

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