The Queen's Wrestling Seduction

"Savage Wrestling Seduction"

          Queen Adrena is classic in this Dominant Wrestling adventure. Pierre is a very cocky frenchman (510" 165 lb.), who thinks Queen is past her prime. Queen shows him she still has plenty of lifting-airplane spinning power, scissor squeezing & submission holds control over this mere male. Queen starts off in her silver pro-wrestling boots. After Pierre is forced to submit properly- Queen ties him, taunts him & teases him very sexily & dominantly in her sexy lingerie, Giantess smother power at its best. Pierre submits over & over again until Queen gets her erotic face-sitting, squeezing & suffocating power satisfied. Queen cuts the crotch out of her smooth sexy panty hose so that she can smother this naughty boy with her bare ass & muff. (50 min)

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