"Mistress Shelly's Ass Subjugation Lessons"  (QA60)

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" Mistress Shelly’s Ass Subjugation Lessons "

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Queen Adrena decided to put some official training into slave titty-bear. It was high time that Queen tested his ability to be a personal body slave and toy for one of the Mistress’s in the Royal Realm. He had been lusting after the tall blond bombshell named " Shelly The Burbank Bomber" for some months now. Every time Shelly came for a visit, little titty bear’s attitude would perk up noticeably. Of course, servant titty bear is always attentive to the Queen as her private property. But Queen has not had time enough to elevate him up the ladder of privileges and skills because she has been too busy with the most difficult tasks of designing the architecture of the Goddess's membership site. Working online for 10 hours a day makes a dull Queenie. So she decided to rev things up by having titty bear offer himself at the feet of our tough Mistress "Shelly". Shelly is a relentless Domme. She knows exactly what she wants and knows exactly how to demand it.

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It had been a long hot drive to the Temple for Shelly from the hot valley. So, Queen commanded titty bear to prepare a tepid bath of water just for her tired and sweaty feet. Shelly relaxed on the side of the tub while titty bear carefully kissed her smelly hot feet first. He must adore all of the aromas of the Goddess’s body from head to toe, clean or not. In fact we both love to demand for a slave to honor our feet and assess by cleaning them with his slave tongue. He must lick all of the dirt in between the toes and lightly kiss the soles to relax the Goddess. We are teaching him the art of the light butterfly tongue lapping on the feet so that some day if he is worthy enough, he will have the skills to lap the pink paradise with delicate butterfly strokes. Starting at the bare feet is indeed a high honor for any slave to begin with.

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Titty bear cleaned The special Guest Goddess's Feet with intensive care. He massaged her very beautifully pedicured feet with soft specially scented soap. He rubbed her soles smoothly, showing his desire to please her without regard for his own pleasure. After a long while titty bear asked Shelly if she was ready to retire to the living room once again, where he was eagerly awaiting the ass subjugation lessons I had been threatening him with all day.

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Mistress Shelly changed into her leather Bitch attire, short leather skirt and high heeled boots, fishnets, & a strapless bra revealing her humongous ta ta’s.. Shelly took charge of titty bear on the leash that Queen Adrena provided. Mistress Shelly demanded titty-bear to lap her high-heeled boots. Then Shelly walked titty bear around the living room on his knees, while she pulled his face firmly burying it inside her lovely ass cheeks.

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Queen then showed Shelly how she loved to spank titty bear over her lap. She showed Shelly how she enjoyed breast worship for the little man. And we both pulled down his shorts and paddled his bare bottom until it turned hot pink. Titty bear was not used to a sound paddling. But it was time for him to amuse the Queen in this way. For Loads more pictures of Shelly's Smothering Ass and and Mpegs of Shelly and all of the girls go to QueenAdrena.net It is only $6.50 for trial membership.

Goddess Shelly loved demanding titty bear to kiss her ass in many different positions. She could not help feeling Delightfully Bitchy. She took a long drag on her cigarette and asked titty bear if he had ever been a human ash tray. Being the naive young slave that he is, he said sure. So, she said open your mouth. To his surprised and shocked chagrin, she flicked her ashes right into his mouth. He gagged but took it like a man. She slapped his face and told him to take it and swallow it. That is not what he expected, but he did as he was told. Shelly loved this degrading act of total power over him.

Then it was time for Trampling lessons. Shelly always loves to see if a slave can take her beautiful Trampling feet all over him. She threw titty bear down and walked on his tummy, his cock, and his face, demanding nice foot worship while she was at it. Titty bear has been thoroughly trained in Trampling at the feet of all of the Goddess's. he took it quite well. His little body was smashed down flat by the Bitch Goddess as flat as a pancake.

     It was then to time to try slave titty bear out as Shelly's smother ass cushion. She started sitting on him in many different positions. She grabbed his cock with her feet at times. She did exactly as she pleased with every part of his body. She tested his tongue on her feet over and over again. And she tested his tongue on her very teenie bikini. And sometimes slave titty bear would sneak his tongue inside of her panties inside of her ass. Shelly gave him permission to do this, else he could have been flogged to death. Queen joined in at times demanding some foot worship and breast worship.. But mostly she enjoyed being the complete voyeur. She just watched titty bear's tongue slide inside of Shelly's ass and be her personal fuck face. Shelly would head scissor titty bear for her amusement from time to time in her anaconda thighs.

     Queen would grab titty bear's schlong for her amusement to see if his flag pole was on the rise. And so it was. Queen & Shelly masturbated the young slave with their feet and hands and some cream to torment him by refusing release until they were satisfied first.

   At last Shelly was ready to have her orgasm on titty bears face. His long tongue had finally gotten her turned on enough to explode on his face while he lapped her ass & muff. Queen slipped her hand inside of her panties and had a nice orgasm also. Later titty bear might be commanded to lick it clean if he maintained his lessons for the day of complete humbleness.

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