"Simply Sitting" [QA45]

Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla

We captured a small man by the name of Dyonisus. He is 5'7" 130 lb. We really had alot of fun with Dyonisus. He visited us from out of state. He planned his trip to match Kyla's trip to California. He was such a crunchable munchable. He really enjoyed pressure on his chest and face. We applied all of our weight on him on the skinny crush bench first. On this bench you have no room for mistakes. And you feel the pressure even more because our butt cheeks wrap around you more on the skinny little top of it. Then we went to the couch.

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We bounced and Trounced our Musical Fannies onto little Dionysus so deliciously. He says that many of our true devotees wanted to see something just simply about sitting. The simple pleasures of feeling the fanny meld into the males flesh, his face, and chest. We  bounced gently and erotically building up slowly.

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We squished him on the skinny little crush bench. He was gasping for air quite nicely. He made percussion sounds as if he were a drum that we were pounding with our rumps. We then took him to the official crush bench made of condensed foam. It squishes down so nicely . It feels like we are flattening him like a steam roller. Kyla was really getting her weight into our little captive. He fit so nicely between our cheeks. W e applied some really good pressure. This is not as obviously brutal as many of our tapes and desires. But nevertheless we had alot of fun. This was his first time. He was very strong and withstood our weight for longest of anyone for the longest time of just sitting, without any breaks or mercies.

Then we took him flat on the carpet. We squashed our little munchable man together in some great piles. We stood him up and did a wrestling move, the double belly bop. Queenie loves showing this off to a new girl. It is so much fun to bounce him back & forth against our bellies and tits, slamming him silly!

Then we piled on him for the final squish squash. He could have taken us all day. We were tired and went to eat. Then we took him to the hotel room and squished him on his hotel bed. Here is his own testimony.

Dionysus's "Diary of a Squash Fest At Queen Adrena's" A letter by "Dionysis". the Squashee that visited us for 2 days when Kyla was here.

This is a serious message, my friends, about what is most near and dear to our hearts. The voluptuous and voluminous Queen Adrena is about to send a few video volleys in your direction. For those of you who are not familiar with Queen Adrena, she is probably the greatest practitioner of squashing rituals. She not only has a great body for squashing and dominating (6'4" and 320 lbs.), more importantly she has a better intuitive understanding of the significance of squashing and facesitting than any other woman with whom I have had the honor and pleasure to discuss these matters. She has a very erotic spirit. All of us who have at least some inkling that this is not just a fun and kinky game ( though it is that too ), but also reveals important meaning not easily expressible verbally, have a friend and benefactrix in Queen Adrena.

I believe that she feels deeply about what she does so well. I know that she is trying to train another generation of big beautiful women to see that their bodies are erotic and to understand how and why squashing rituals can be more erotically satisfying than any other form of physical interaction, sex included. I personally believe that this is for the general welfare of our species. I know I am out on a limb with that statement, but I hope you at least see that having more BBWs who are enthusiastic about their large bodies and about squashing men playfully but intently (and intensely) will clearly benefit you.

Queenie's newest apprentice is a stunning beauty, Kyla. Kyla has a fantastic fanny, very captivating (both to behold and to be held down by). She is very energetic and bouncy, and moves her ample body almost effortlessly (or so she makes it seem anyway). She has spent only a week with Queenie, but she is very intelligent, and she is naturally dominant and playful, so she is developing very quickly into a squash dominatrix worthy of your best dreams. She is also a very sweet woman. Queenie's new videotapes of Kyla in action are the volleys to which I referred above. All of you should check out Kyla at queenadrena.com Queenie's project of expanding the population of BBW'S who love to squash is not easy and it is expensive. She has a videotape business to help supply the necessary funds. Her videotapes are great. If you like to watch, you should buy some both for your own viewing pleasure and to support her cause which will benefit you as well. If you're not into watching, you really should consider a trip to Los Angeles for an indescribable private session with Queenie and/or one of her other ladies. She will expand your mental horizons as she compresses your body. Queenie and Kyla are an impressive combination, if you can be there while Kyla is in L.A. If not, Queenie has other BBW friends, and Queenie can flatten anyone singlebuttedly. If you can't make it to L.A., you really should consider making a contribution to a very worthy cause. Queenie is helping us out, my friends, and she really deserves our support. She even provides a link to this board from her website. We who frequent this board are in the vanguard of making erotic sitting/squashing acceptable, and we need to accept our responsibility and act accordingly. One part of that is to recognize the Queen of Heavy Sitting and the Captivating Moon, and to help her help us.

In case anyone is wondering, Queenie did not ask me to write this. She is doing everything she can to give BBWs the attitude and confidence they deserve, and I feel the need to do what I can to bring us appreciative males to help out.

Sincerely, Dionysus

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