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Queen Adrena's Real Fetish Videos

"Sister Queens of Crush"

Presenting Mistress Magick for the first time ever with Slave Samson


"Sister Queen's Of Crush" 90 full minutes $35. Complete Ordering Information

Meet “Mistress Magick”, Queen’s Sister Dom 5’9” 230 solid lbs.- 50DDD and watch Queen Adrena  & sister Magick Smother  & Crush the holy Hell out of “Samson” our favorite crush slave. Samson does it once again by enduring Queen’s 330 lbs. (Queen gained a bit) & Magick’s 230 lbs. Sitting for excruciatingly long periods of (that's 550 lbs. boys) savage smothering on his chest, tummy, face, & cock. Our glorious Almighty Ass’s together are the most excruciatingly enormous imposing sight to behold & to be crushed flat as a pancake beneath both of us on our special new crush bench (which its shape was permanently altered on this day)& on the crush mats in during the heaviest crush ever. Sister Magick is the most naturally fun and sensual dominant woman the Queen has ever played with. Her powerful body and devious mind are a duo that is impossible to resist. Queen has decided that Magick and she will be as sisters for a very long time.The name "Magick" fits the Australian born Goddess very well. She weaves a spell of dominant Magic that is undeniable. You should be so lucky to be captured inside of both of our glorious Derriere's and Bodacious TA TA's. We also have a natural sensuality with one another that is very sexy.

You may beg for an audience with the both of us by calling 310-518-1522 during the am hours of 10 am - 12 noon Calif. time. Don't forget you must join our club by ordering the sampler or any video tape or a phone session or anything off the price list to be qualified for a meeting. We are very selective about who we invite into our lair of luscious smothering. If you should be so lucky, it will  the most divine moments of your life!!

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