Queen's Letter for Private Meetings:

Dear Prospective Servant,

     (Updated October 2002) Thank you for your interest in meeting with me, or one of my dominant girl friends. I'm writing this general letter to explain all about me for further correspondence. I will explain to you how you can attain a personal meeting. I'm accepting meetings in Los Angeles while I am still here. I probably will be in Los Angeles for a couple more months. My move to northern California is going very slow. I have 2 new assistants, Princess's Demonica & Roxanne. I enjoy having them join me in the sessions for smothering and trampling. I still have limitation due to my bad feet, but together we can put you in your place just fine.

     I'm in the process of Moving to Northern California. I will be 90 miles north of San Francisco hopefully by 2003. Until then I will continue to sell my videos and can refer any of my video tape buyers to my Dominant girl friends in Los Angeles. After I get moved I will accept applications from slaves, couples, and aspiring dominant women to visit my fetish resort in the beautiful Mendocino County area I am moving to. I will have my classes and week-ends available eventually. I still wish to teach the Fetish Arts to any Big Beautiful woman that wants to learn. And I will accept slave into my lifestyle after I get settled. My web sites will continue and my phones will be forwarded during my transition. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned. There are great things ahead for the Queen and her followers.

     First of all, you must prove yourself worthy of my time and attention to attain the exclusive privilege of meeting me or any of the Mistress's in my videos. This means you must purchase a video tape, or become a member of my membership site. If you are traveling from out of state you must send a deposit for the session of $50 in the form of a money order made out to QK Enterprises or Queen Kong, POB 5050, Carson, CA. 90745, or a $40 donation for a 30 min. phone training session, or you must purchase any video tape. You may call 310-518-1522 during my California hours of 11am-2pm Monday through Friday to ask questions. Or you may become a member in my membership club at Queenadrena.net . Your call may be answered by one of my female assistants. Just ask for me. I usually only talk to the members. So you will have to prove yourself worthy to talk to me on any level. I am way too busy working on the web site and producing video tapes, to be distracted by anyone unless they prove their sincerity and value to me and my Supreme Goddess's lifestyle. So, please do not waste my time unless you are prepared to be generous for it with $ donations or with being a model in my videos. I prefer those that can help with the production costs of the videos. You will have the time of your life in one of my videos. We make a party out of it, it is a once in a lifetime experience.

     You might be considered for my Barter system if you want to be a model in my videos, or if you have computer skills that I can use here in my home in Torrance, California. ( 20 minutes south of the airport ) Then you will become eligible for a private meeting in my private dungeon for a 90 minute session or extended stay. Send all correspondence to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, Ca. 90745

     If you want to be considered for a video you must send a picture of yourself. I prefer a male that is strong enough to take some smothering and sitting , and some trampling. Smothering & Trampling is very exciting to me & my assistants. But if you cannot endure alot of weight in this fetish, then it is ok if you can take the smothering & sitting only.

     My favorite subjects for private slave training include; foot & heel fetish, Mommy & Auntie role play, Spanking, Smothering, Face Sitting, Breath Deprivation, Pressure Fetish, Envelopment,  Crushing, Trampling, Humiliation, Water Sports, Tickling, Sissy boys, Infantilism, CBT, D&S, B&D, S&M, fantasy wrestling, & Giantess Body worship,   Including Royal foot, Breast, Ass, & panty worship.

    My private training sessions start at $300 for 90 min-2 hour time period. 

     Slave Questionaire- Do not waste my time filling this out unless you are really traveling to Los Angeles and really are sincere about meeting my qualifications. Queen Adrena

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     I gracefully stand 6'3" in my bare size 11 medium width feet with very lovely high arches. I weigh 315 solid voluptuous lbs. measurements are 55DD-47-56. I'm a true foot Goddess. (However I have had foot surgery in the last few years and can no longer wear high heels.) You will start your servitude by kneeling at my feet, as my dominant spell starts to weave its' intricate web upon your entire being.

     My donations for Los Angeles private meetings start at $300. For two hours- ( including one half hour of conversation and 90 minutes of session.)   (additional hours are $75.) I might accept a lesser donation if you beg properly and I find your fantasies to be entertaining enough for my amusement. If I travel out of state, the donations are more.

Slave Questionaire- Do not waste my time filling this out unless you are really traveling to Los Angeles and really are sincere about meeting my qualifications please. Queen Adrena

I believe that complete submission from my slave can sometimes be attained purely through my mental powers of persuasion. If your attitude is submissive, I can simply verbally command you to please me. I do have my other powers of persuasion. I can command you with my physical strength; my abilities to crush you & sit on different parts of your body, according to the fantasies, fetish's & lessons involved. You may be used simply as my insignificant piece of furniture, a foot stool, a carpet or you could simply become my pleasure pillow; depending upon the drama that unfolds in our dark & mysterious erotic play. I'm very physically strong from years of pro-wrestling. I'm very fit & fully capable of subduing a male completely. My Amazingly large, beautiful muscular Ass, & my strong thick thunder thighs will capture you in my sizzling head & body scissors. My enormous & powerful Breasts command you to submit to my smothering chest locks.

If you're a true Goddess worshipper that can respond to simple verbal commands, I am very pleased with this. I'll allow you to serve me in other ways. Tell me if you're into taking direction without strong physical force & I'll take that into consideration. I truly love a slave that can show his proper respect & adoration by merely being allowed in my beautiful dominant presence, & tell me verbally of your adoration of your Goddess. I've been a dominant woman for 25 years now. It's my lifestyle. I'm a world-renowned featured writer & model in many major magazines. Such as Over 40 , Cheri, Fetish Times, Sun & etc. Currently I am writing for "In-Step magazine", & "Fetish World". I'm known as the world famous Queen Adrena. I've been a pioneer in the kinky "Scene", teaching many women throughout the years how to explore Female Power.

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I've Squished, Smothered & Trampled thousands of slave's quite successfully "without permanent injury"- I'm a specialist in using just the right pressure at the deliciously right crushing moment. I have given names to specific fetishes, such as the Pressure Fetish, and the Envelopment Fetish. I love Squashing and assimilating a male into my entire body. My thighs can squeeze you like a snake into writhing, suffocating ecstasy. My glorious rump can smother you in divine intoxicating surrender to my pungent derriere perfume. I can trample you like a pancake & extract every ounce of sublime submission out of you. All my years of athletic prowess & dominance experience makes my training a very fun & sensually salivacious experience, comparable to none. If none of these forms of female dominance appeal to you, this is ok also; I have many ways of extracting your submission. As long as your mental worship is present, this is what counts the most.

If you need the strictness of bondage & discipline & S&M, I'll gladly extract different measures of submission out of you with my many toys for joy. I’m an expert in B & D, cbt, Sissy training, whipping, and etc. I believe in the "Power Exchange" in whatever form we both consent to. If you can follow my expert direction without pain, I'll gladly guide you into a total sweet surrender beyond your wildest fantasies. I love the drama of dominance & submission. It's an art & a joy to me. I'm not a sadist; I'm a Superior Goddess. I require certain forms of body worship. Face sitting is a special joy to me. I get completely aroused when I am mounting a slave's face. Tests of mild to intense humiliation may be implemented. Over the lap spanking is another test you may have to endure. You must take the time to prove yourself worthy of the deliciously divine rewards that your Goddess has to offer a true servant.

I was also a professional wrestler for 25 yrs & traveled all over the world. I starred in a show called "GLOW" Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I was "Matilda the Hun" in that show. I've been featured in many t.v.shows & movies always as the villianness of some kind. I skated in Roller Derby for 10 years also. It's been a great joy in my life to be physically capable of really overpowering my many male wrestling opponents & slaves. I've been trained in many arts; Greco Roman & amateur wrestling, & submission style wrestling. I've now decided to pursue fantasy wrestling only, as it's less wear & tear on my 50 yr., old bones. I do have numerous injuries from the wrestling battlefield to consider, so I do not participate in any competitive wrestling at all. I'll happily demonstrate my undefeatable head & body scissors & other submission holds, if I feel the need to stretch my thighs around your head. My smothering & Fabulous Face Sitting techniques are one of the worlds most sensuous & undeniable wonders. With my euphoric crushing power over you, you'll find nirvana in the presence of this very unique physically & spiritually Powerful Giantess Goddess. I enjoy turning a man into a pet to sit on & to use as my carpet, as my bedspread, my chase lounge or any human piece of furniture. If you prove yourself worthy, I adore having my feet & toes & my soles kissed & worshipped. I love the worship in my bare feet, or in my sexy nylons, (Smelly or clean). I’ve just recovered from foot surgeries that have lasted for almost 2 years. So, I am sorry to say I cannot wear high heels at this time. Sometimes I have one of my friends join me for heel worship. I borrow their feet- ha ha.

You can barter with computer skills, art work, & etc. This could be very good. I need web page design work and postings on the newsgroups. But, I find that this really only works if you live close to me in Los Angeles. I need male slave's to appear in my videotapes. All physical sizes are acceptable if they can take a good body walking, or intense smothering; men who are fit enough to be crushed & wrestled down & dominated (you can wear a mask). And we can trade videotapes for your work if you like. This is a great opportunity for those who live far away and want Queen's videos, and/or extra time from the Queen and friends. I'm in the process of organizing my many pictures & videotapes of domination & wrestling fantasies that I've written & produced for the past 25 years to sell on the vastly expanding internet. I need software & hardware & tutoring in many areas. So do tell me your specialties.

I'm a one in a million Goddess. I have vast powers of perception, probing your mind to find your deepest desires. My magical spell is an experience of sublime surrender to the very forces of Nature, where all men must submit to the Divinity of Mother Earth. If I sound like the "Real" Powerful Goddess Giantess that you have been dreaming of- then write now (do not procrastinate!) to request my private phone number to arrange a personal meeting or make an appointment for a hot phone session. You must either purchase a phone session or videotape from my personal videotape list to qualify for a private session. I have had too many phonies waste my time without this process, sorry. I can e-mail information to you or snail mail it to you, please specify. Send me the $ in cash, carefully enclosed in an envelope, or a U.S. postal money order, or you can call for credit card authorization.

I have different playmates that I can include in our scene if you're deserving enough. Currently, my favorite Mistress’s to play with are Mistress's Ebonique, Kyla, Mistress SharonT, & Shelly. Other Dommes on my site are available, but more difficult to arrange.

I will need to know more about you. But, I do not have time to read your letter, unless you are willing and able to compensate me for my time in some form. This is what I will need to know about you, when you perform your club initiation by either sending a deposit for the session, send for your phone session, panties, or a video tape. Or join my membership site at queenadrena.net.

I'm in the city of Torrance, 20 minutes south of the Los Angeles airport. I am currently not traveling. I do enjoy extended stay in my dungeon if I find the slave acceptable to my terms, which we would have to discuss in person or on the telephone. Of course there are different arrangements required for this privilege. You can visit my private dungeon fully equipped with many B&D toys, including crushing & wrestling mats in the privacy of my home. If you prefer telephone training or e-mail training, tell me. If you order from the video & personal items price list, you will be a member in good standing with me, that is eligible to meet with me privately and be notified of my travel plans. I can notify you via e-mail (providing you include your name and e-mail address) when I receive your tribute, then I will write back to you or I want you to call my number 310-518-1522 during the hours of 10am-3pm Mon- Fri to receive further instructions for personal meetings.

Queen Adrena

310-518-1522 hours 10am-3 pm Mon-Fri

 Queen Kong, POB 5050, Carson, Calif. 90745

E-mail Queen Adrena

or Queenkong.com (for wrestling site)