"Captured Engulfed and Suffocated in Glamazon Land"

    990 lbs of Glamazon women; Mistress Cinnamon @ 300 lb, Sugar @ 270 lb., Kyla @250, & Sharon T @ 170 all capture slave smooshie in their Cave of Massively Strong, Constricting flesh. First we encircled our prey like a pride of lionesses, hungry for fresh meat. Subjugation at the hands of the Glamazons is much like an anaconda snake capturing & devouring its prey. Slave smooshie was to be mercilessly dominated for his cocky attitude. Then we moved on to the physical over-powerment lessons of the day; total Envelopment, face sitting, forced ass worship, smothering, squashing, & relentless head scissors. The group scissors smash is simply amazing

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    We smothered & squashed him with our huge, round asses & mammoth breasts. We used our powerful thighs to crush his little head, watching it redden as we sucked the life out of him. Many wrestling submission & scissor holds were extracted. And there was lots of erotic breast worship. Many multiple piles of the Gigantic women pounded smooshie until his body writhed & struggled for air repeatedly. We forced him to worship our asses and breasts separately & at the same time. We bound his body with our powerful thighs, constricting him until we felt his insides could rupture at any moment.

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