"Smother 870 lb Plunge"

     Queen @ 320 lbs plus Patty’s 550 lbs delivered 870 lbs of sensational smashing smother. The Super-size Patty plunged onto viking boys body harder than she imagined any man could endure. Viking Boy had never felt such a plentitude of powerful female flesh squish him beyond what he ever imagined possible. He was in Squish Heaven. First Queen and Patty used him as their royal throne, squishing and sitting on him on a metal chair especially designed for capturing slaves. Then they used their happy cushion, viking boy, as their smash toy on the different crush benches. They then ordered him to lay down on his tummy and his back so they could smash him flat on the mat. They did a little standing on his back to warm him up for their smashacre.

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    Queen & Patty sandwiched him inside of their gargantuan asses as they took turns enveloping him inside of their wide cheek cracks. Queen put her foot on vb’s head as he was worshipping inside of Patty’s crack. Then she sat on the back of his head while his face was engulfed inside of her enormous ass cheeks, applying the full 870 lb sandwich butt squish. 2 tons of butts are better than one.

    We decided to have some different fun with Viking boy on this day. We brought out our beach ball blown up. We then decided it would be a blast to see if we could make it pop on top of vb’s tummy or cock. We took turns putting our full weight on it to see if it would pop and we would drop full weight on top of him.  Queen sat and sat, but it did not pop. Patty put her 550 lbs on top of the ball and bounced and bounced waiting for her weight to pop the ball. It did not pop. We were having fun in anticipation. But it did not pop. The ball finally developed a leak and went fizz. It did get flattened on top of Viking boys smashed body.

    Then Patty wanted to get her cookies off. So we both stripped down to naked, & sat on our body slave on the crush bench. Patty sat on his face and chest, enveloping and engulfing vb’s entire torso and face as she rode him hard and bounced her ginormously (gigantic & enormous) wide ass cheeks all over his face and chest. There was no room for Queenie to sit along with Patty, so she just grabbed Viking boy’s erect schlong and started stroking it firmly and sensuously. Patty also grabbed his erect tool and played with it. She had a nice orgasm on his face, and he popped his balls for us, ha ha. (45 min)

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