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"Amazons Smothering & Scissoring Orgy" [QA29]

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Featuring Amazon Lady Wrestler "Shelly The Burbank Bomber", Amazon BBW Goddess "Ebonique" & Queen Amazon Adrena

$75 min. with great close-ups- It’s a double date for slave swapping. The Big Luscious Black Mistress Ebonique standing 5'9" on her beautiful size 10's & Tall blond Amazon Mistress Shelly  5'9 & 1/2" with size 9  &1/2 gorgeous feet, decide its time to teach their live in male pets some new tricks in the scissors & smothering games that the Big Strong Dominant beauty’s desire and love so much. The Macho Mamas deserve to be obeyed & pampered. Shelly shows Ebonique how she enjoys throwing her pet Tim down and applies her strong head scissors immediately. (See More Below)





Ebonique's & Shelly's Total Triumph over Tim & Nick


Shelly’s been a professional wrestler & knows every spine stretching move to make her pet submit in hellatious head scissors, figure fours, Boston crabs, sleeper holds & many moves of just plain smother hell. Shelly especially loves to have her slave’s face forced deep into her smooth strong ass. She makes no excuses for her bountiful butt size; Like it or lump it. Ebonique got excited watching Shelly turn her macho man turn into a whimpering little boy begging for mercy. So, she grabbed her little "Nickie boy" (from Mighty Mouse Visits Thighland) & turns him every which way but loose. She really smothers with her big round black buns, devouring his face deep inside her muscular ass & muff. Her pendulous humongous tits go flying across his face freely. She showed Shelly that Nick might be tiny but he can take a strong Amazon squeezing him tight, Bouncing him around like a rag doll & still beg for more. The two Amazons then traded & started playing with each others male toys pinching their cocks & nipples, demanding more deep smother & merciless scissors action. Then Queen Adrena came to visit to further suffocate the boys. She cast a hypnotizing spell upon them with Shelly & Ebonique as her Ass-istant witch’s. After they were hypnotized completely, any devious & nasty demand from the big beauties for ass pleasure was met. All the Big Strong women demanded more body worship from the helpless men, who were breathlessly held between all of their ass’s, thighs & deep captivating smother spell of the Goddess’s feminine musk perfume emanating from their wet and steamy ass’s . For you Trample & Foot Lovers there is some great body trampling by the girls and some delicious foot gagging going on. Incredible!!

Shelly & Ebonique are available for private sessions. Shelly lives in Burbank, Calif., And Ebonique lives in Riverside, California.

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