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Queen Adrena Fetish Video's Presents


"Spanking & Smothering School"- 50 minutes $40- Teacher Adrena punishes her tiny blond female college student (Mika) & Junior a small male  student by severely warming their hot pink bottoms in over the lap spanking & Serious smothering in chairs, on teachers desk, & unusually delightful squeezing both naughty students in double smother. Queen’s 1st official role play.

Teacher Adrena Needs to Spank little Mika for her insolence, a nice hot pink Bottom over Queen's lap is in order, with the hair brush warming her ass properly. Of course, Foot worship is demanded also. If the teacher's naughty girl kisses with sweetness and humble adoration, then the spanking will be stopped temporarily. Queen's feet can be hot & pungent after a long day in front of the classroom. Junior a small male student was peaking at Mika's punishment so he got dragged in for some ass warming and serious smothering discipline Queen spanks his little pink bottom then she sits on his face long & hard. Then it is time for Queen to squeeze both her little students together in a double scissors. Mika is then allowed to assist in Juniors discipline and ass warming. This is very titillating to a dominant teacher.

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