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Queen Adrena's

Spanking, Bondage & Discipline Lessons


I do hope to do more of the Mommy & Auntie Role Play in 1999 with over the lap spanking & etc.

1. Spanking & Smothering School

(Teacher Adrena teaches two small students, a boy & girl, serious lessons about smothering, & over the lap spanking with rulers and bare handed nice forced Breast Worship and Full bodied crushing)

2. Whips & Bondage 101

(Princess Rhonda & Queen teach novice the ropes)

3.) Pantied, Punished & Sissified- Ok Sissy boys- You naughty macho secret cross dressers who sniff and steal panties. Mistress Shelly And Queen Adrena taught this macho slut all about sniffing panties and getting his bottom spanked good and hard with bare hands.

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