"Squash Smother Splat" [QN30]

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          Queen Adrena & Princess’s *Demonica & Roxanne* had a RAW, Sexy, Pressure filled squash & smother orgy. Bean bag chairs were the new squish toy. We sat ass to ass & belly to belly on slave’s upturned body on crush bench #1. With foot & heel worship, their spiked glass slippers slid into  vb’s mouth as their female cock. He played human carpet as their 6” stilettos left deep marks into his skin. Piling the bean bags on top of vb’s chest, All 3 Dom’s jumped, landing on his flattened bones, bouncing & squishing. They sensuously rubbed each others bare breasts, slithering all over vb’s body. Queen went SPLAT as she sat on top of them all. Twas’ a smashing, enveloping  time. Finale’-All rode viking boys face on the fuck face bench- smothering him mercilessly! (60 min)

asq-sm-splt-p0001.jpg asq-sm-splt-p0002.jpg asq-sm-splt-p0003.jpg asq-sm-splt-p0004.jpg asq-sm-splt-p0005.jpg
sqsmsplt-0022f.jpg sqsmsplt-0044f.jpg sqsmsplt-00665f.jpg sqsmsplt-02fa.jpg sqsmsplt-2002011.jpg
sqsmsplt-2012011.jpg sqsmsplt203.jpg sqsmsplt-21011.jpg sqsmsplt-2120111.jpg sqsmsplt-212011f.jpg

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