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"Squash Rituals- A Philosophical Discussion"

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"Squash Rituals" - Here is some Philosophy, Meaning & Explanation The rituals that are depicted in these pictures and in my growing passion for trampling & smothering men involves a man bravely offering himself to more massive and more powerful women who can annihilate him without exerting very much effort. The rituals involve walking on tummy's , and chests, and faces, and crotch's; with bare feet and with high heels. It also involves sitting on the face, chest, & torso full weight, which is the "pressure fetish". It involves many incredibly dangerous physical acts of what might seem like violence to some. When a woman who weighs from 310 lbs like me to 350 lbs. plus like some of my friends stands on someone's chest full weight,or on his face.. it is frightening, and awesome. But violence is not the goal. This is an art form; a fascinating experience in the exchange of Female & Male Energy & Power. Even though a woman could terminate the man with one heavy foot stomp placed in the right vulnerable spot, she doesn't want to kill or injure her captive. She wants to make him experience being totally overwhelmed by her so that his body & consciousness is captured by her enormous enveloping pressure. The Goddess's lovingly encourage their captured supplicant to go further & further into their pressure cooker to the point where his consciousness is so concentrated and focused that the woman becomes his entire world, he is aware of nothing else.

At this point, he experiences his world as being unified and conscious of him, and the "Female Force" as holding the power of life and death over him, in fact holding him right at the intersection of life and death. The male psyche tends to see the world as being composed of lifeless disconnected objects that exist for them to manipulate, therefore they experience themselves as being independent of the world surrounding them. The male psyche has become predominant in our society. The result is that men do not experience the world as being unified in any way, and certainly not conscious of them. The world feels very impersonal to men in general. It seems to a man that he can keep control my manipulating "things" around him. Actually, however, the world is a "Whole", a "Matrix" that holds each of us in place so that we can have our existence. We owe everything at each instant to this "Matrix". The word "Matrix" means not only the framework on which things are placed, but it also means "Womb" and comes from the Latin for "Mother." The "Cosmic Matrix" must be understood as female. It is the invisible Whole or Unity out of which all things come to be and into which all things eventually return and disappear. It can be called the "Swamp." The world is the visible body of that matrix.

In our overly male culture, we tend not to have any awareness of the Whole or that we mean anything to the Whole. However, at or near the intersection of life and death, we can have some experience of it. By being near death, we are near the matrix to which we return in death. By being still alive, we can have awareness of it. That is one major significance of the squashing rituals, when it is done with seriousness; it puts the man near the door of death, so close that he can't help but taste and breathe the power of the "Matrix". The fact that it is females who squash the man is significant, as females better represent the "Matrix".

I do think that women generally embody wholeness, enveloping, containing & other important aspects of the "Cosmic Matrix" better than men do. Furthermore, large well-rounded women represent the matrix much better than skinny women. The containing itself in the squashing ritual is also significant. The man is held fast completely & is awfully aware that the women are holding him helpless & completely control him. This represents and helps to manifest the fact that the "Matrix" always holds us in place through all the energies and forces emanating out of the "Matrix" at each instant, even if we are not aware of them. Gravity, for example, is always exerting its force, even though we are usually not conscious of it.. I consider gravity to be a female force, probably the most powerful physical one. The use of gravity in the squashing ritual to bring a man near the intersection of life and death is also very significant. The connection between "gravity" and "grave" is one way, and then the importance of females being the performers is connected to the use of gravity.

So much for the philosophy of "Squash Rituals" (which my dear friend Dionysus helped me to write). I love the intellectual & Spiritual sides of these things. Hope they are not too boring. Maybe some of your girl friends would enjoy understanding the need to be at the intersection of "Life & Death" with Breath Deprivation, Heavy Face-sitting & the many other aspects of Titanic Trampling and Face walking. It can appear to be very twisted to some. Bondage & Discipline have become almost acceptable, but this squishing thing is still very sick to many people.. I find it extraordinarily enervating & erotic.

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