"Attack of The Succubus Goddesses"  [QN 10]

Queen Adrena & Gigantess became enchanted by the Succubus spirits. They were overcum with desires to envelope their slave deep inside all their hot juicy crevices. The Succubus Force drove them to meld with their male instrument, molding his male force into becoming one with the Earth Mother Goddesses. They molded & smashed their male drone with Squashing & Smothering rituals. Their wide abundant hips, fertile bellies, & full breasts intertwined woman to woman- locking hands & taking turns conquering one another breast to breast, in many erotic wrestling positions, while viking boy served as their bed of flesh. We anointed slave with our bodily fluids & perspiration. Our vulvae's creamy arousal poured all over him.  The Succubus forces demanded his mind & body to surrender completely to our smothering asses, muffs & breasts. He knew not where he was, nor what had engulfed him. He experienced great joy, pleasure & fear deep inside their captivating bodies. The Giantess Women Sucked the adoration out of their captive slave and then milked his engorged male tool all over their breasts. DVD available also (60 min)

succ-01-k2.jpg succ-04-q-top-.jpg succ-05-b2b2.jpg succ-06-wrestl1.jpg
succ-07-q-asit1a.jpg succ-10-splash1.jpg succ-com1.jpg succ-com2.jpg
succ-com4.jpg succ-gass-nddfs.jpg succ03a2gas.jpg succ-com3.jpg

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