Super Boy's Test Of Strength With Queen Kong In New York City

A tiny man (5-6" 140 lb., very solid) offered himself for the Queen’s crunching amusement while she was in New York City. He wanted to become a member of the Inner Circle of Squash Devotee’s. He’s very young, (just 23) and wanted to experience the original "Mother of Smother", the best the Squash world has to offer, "the Queen. So he offered his body for the Great assimilation by the Queen in her hotel room. 60 min. $40

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It was a high class hotel with french doors that Queen could lay him down on the carpet in between the doors & then stand on him full weight. This picture alone looks like the Queen is the Empire state building and he is just a little mighty mouse trying to fly, but is caught underneath the enormous Queen’s weight. This is the first time you can see Queen’s bare feet in action since her operations. She tramples the young mighty mouse for an amazing 3 minutes, then she rides the little man like a horse.

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Then she takes him to the bed to straddle and assimilate inside of her immensity. Her breast longed to capture the handsome young man’s face. And her thighs were hungry to feel his torso in between their firm muscles. She sat on the mighty little mouse in many different positions. This is a delicious size difference experience. And this boy is tough. He took his full weight envelopment quite well.

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