" Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry in The Queen's Torrid Temple of Trample & Squash "

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A Human Seat is so Complete- You can rest your smooth Big Ass while it wants to lick your feet.

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A Divine Reward for an Obedient pony boy, who's commanded to worship Kyla's Rack of HH's rapturously.

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Double your pleasure, Double your Fun, with our Big Tits and  our Big Juicy Bums! Join Queen Adrena &  Kyla Kiss in Trampling, Smothering, Foot Worship,& Body Worship

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On our way to shoot the video titled "Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry" in The Torrid Temple of Trample & Squash", I was very nervous and excited about having my very first lesson, and having it video taped also.

When we got to the Temple, my very first slave was waiting for us on the couch. I scooted past him, and said a shy "Hi" as I darted into the dressing room. Once I was dressed, I came out to greet my first slave. He was a very attractive man, quite a bit older than I am, but nonetheless, quite a hottie. I was very impressed with the submissive specimen Queenie had chosen for me.

Then it was his turn to get dressed, or I should say, undressed as he was only wearing a tight pair of black undies that left little to my imagination. He had a tight, toned and tanned little body and I was looking forward to using it to my advantage.

Queenie and I talked with my new slave and decided to call him pony boy. He was very sweet and quiet. A good little pony. When we began the slave's training, Queenie had pony boy crawl into the room on his hands and knees, which he did very willingly. We started out with some erotic foot worship. Pony boy sat eagerly at my feet waiting for his instructions.

Queenie instructed him to worship and adore my beautifully pedicured feet. He kissed and licked them through my dark nylons. It was a hot summer night, so I allowed him to slowly remove my stockings. Queenie instructed him to do it ever so slowly, showing his adoration with every little move. It was rather intoxicating. I thought,

"So, this is what those articles about foot worship are about, they aren't bull shitting about the pleasure a woman can feel by having her slave kiss and fondle her feet gently and adoringly," I thought to myself. He then continued to worship my feet, delicately and sensually sucking on each perfectly painted crimson toe. It was the first real toe sucking I’d ever had. The sensation of his hot, soft tongue sucking and licking my toes sent waves of pleasure up my calves and thighs and became stronger as the sensation reached my tightest, wettest, darkest areas. Our new little pony definitely knew his place. I allowed pony boy to worship my feet more. Queenie asked him to deep throat my entire foot. He obediently put all of my toes & half of my entire foot into his mouth at one time, and then gently licked down the sides of my very high, sensitive arches, and proceeded to suck on my heel. What a big mouth for such a cute little pony! Queenie then told pony boy to offer himself as a foot stool for me. I rested my feet on his back, and relaxed while chatting with Queenie.

The next lesson was whipping, one of my personal favorites. Pony boy assumed the pony position and I whipped his tight little ass. I loved the snapping sound the whip made as it hit his hard little backside! I used three different whips, a big one, a riding crop and little tiny black one. The largest whip (a full sized black leather whip with many small strands) was my favorite as it seemed to have the most effect on my little slave boy, pony. I learned how to lightly sting his nice firm bottom, and I practiced some strong swings. Queenie wielded the whip confidently and showed me a little with each whip. We whipped him while sitting on the back of the couch while he was way beneath us groveling and asking for more. This was very exciting to me. I like the feel of a whip in my hand and the way it sings in the air, then stings on the bum cheeks. We were careful, not knowing the exact limits of our slave. Queenie had just begun her training of pony boy; he was new to both of us.

The third lesson was where I got to walk on pony boy’s back. When it was time to trample and stand upon my new slave, I thought I might break him. I had never been told that it is ok to use my weight, instead of holding it back. Queenie encouraged me to go for it, assuring me this pony boy was definitely strong enough & eager for my feet to squish him flat as a pancake. I nervously stepped up on his back. I needed to get my sea legs. I stood a little wobbly and hesitantly at first. Then, Queenie told me to walk around on him. Where would I go? I didn’t want to hurt him. But I quickly learned that this little pony could support my weight easily. A little too easily, so Queenie stepped in and trampled him a little bit, too. What fun! Our little slave was enjoying himself and I felt my power begin to grow inside of my body & mind as I stood above him and rocked from side to side. It was perhaps the strangest sensation I have ever had. I could not believe that pony boy actually liked this thing called "Trampling", and yet I was amazed at how elated I felt.

Shortly after that, we had pony boy admire our round, succulent rumps. He was instructed to kneel behind us & look up adoringly at our full bodied hips. This is another idea that blew my mind. I have always had men admire my beauty, but someone who would worship my feet and the ground walk on? This was a most exciting feeling of acceptance & worship. He spoke beautiful words, telling us how wonderful and beautiful our Royal Round Rumps were, and how he would treasure the high honor of being allowed to kiss their cheeks, and to be swallowed up by them in some Heavy Smothering. We collared our little pony boy after the ass worship rituals. This made me feel like I wanted to own this male animal made for service.

The next lesson was horsie riding. Pony boy instantly transformed into my very own pony! The Queen ordered him to assume the horsie position. He instantly got on all fours, and offered his back to me. Queenie said next time we must get a saddle for him, since he turned out to be so strong. I mounted him and had him ride me around for a little while. I was a little nervous riding my pony, as it was my first time. He was a good little pony and unexpectedly strong. He held my weight and carried me around the living room. Queenie paddled his bottom a little and so did I, instructing him in which direction to go. It was most delightful.

I thought, "Mm, this could be fun to never have to get up again. I could just have this slave ride me to the kitchen or the bedroom." Queen was saying that all men should just be pieces of "Human Furniture" to serve as a pony, a carpet, a chair, and so on. Now it was sinking in that this could be a reality.

Pony boy admired my feet once again while I stood over him offering my succulent soles to his tongue from my dangling feet above his face & laid out body position. I offered my foot to him, demanding full foot service as I inserted my entire foot deep into his mouth once again. I was warming up to the idea that a human carpet is a good thing to have. I stood on his chest and stomach, as if he were my carpet. He took my full weight with pride and some nice grunts. I still felt a little nervous, but I was becoming more certain by the moment. I scrunched up my toes like I was walking on new, soft carpeting. When I removed my foot from his hot flesh, I noticed that I had left footprints behind!

I thought, "Wow, I have left my mark for sure". Queenie guided me in a lot of different body walking positions. I was still a bit awkward, but totally digging it. I noticed that our pony boy was very erect in his sheer black thong undies. He had a thrusting hunk of manhood down there. I noticed that my little pony had risen to my occasion—in a big way. This aroused me.

Then pony boy became my human chair. Queen told me how to have him lay on his back with his legs up to rest my back on as I planted my bodacious buns on his throbbing crotch. I sat on him and was very comfortable with this new piece of home décor. It was very attractive and matched well with the rest of the furnishings. I sat and bounced, planting my feet nicely on his face. He again offered his tongue to my soles and toes. I began to expect this from him. But Queen told me that it is an honor to be allowed to worship the Mistress's feet. So, I learned to deny him this pleasure at times until I was good & ready to give him my feet.

What we had pony boy do next was very fun. I stood above him and played with his cock a little with my heels. Then I inserted my heel into his mouth, and he deep-throated it as if it were a cock! My long, hard, feminine shaft, rammed right down his little throat. How delicious! I teased his hot juicy cock with my heel poking deep inside of his shorts also. What a rush, my female power was expanding my energy. I felt a little light headed, yet very aroused.

After having pony boy give my shoe a little blow job, we used him as a human couch; another useful piece of home décor. Queenie & I laid him across the cushions. Then we plopped our buns full weight down on our firm fleshed human couch. He was very comfortable, and I sat on his face. I put my big, round, silky white ass right on his face! He was a naughty boy, that little pony. He kissed and licked my ass without my permission, but I let it slide. Besides, it felt really good and I would have told him to do it eventually anyway. He just beat me to the punch! I did demand that he continue the small adorable little kisses that showed so much affection and adoration. It felt like little butterflies were down there on my nice big round ass cheeks. Pony boy had made me feel very beautiful and desirable. I could tell he wanted to go inside of my panties to lick my rosebud. But of course, he had to prove himself more for that privilege.

Queenie then showed me how to apply head scissors on pony boy’s head. She really squished him good squeezing her thighs together tightly, making him submit from the pressure around his neck. We sat on his face while we were down on the floor. Queenie demonstrated how to use my full weight to grind his face deeply into our crotches into our teenie thong panties. He got quite close to my taint (taint pussy & taint ass). Sometimes his tongue would slip under my thong, and it caused me to get wickedly hot and bothered.

Our little slave then had the privilege of worshipping my breasts. He really enjoyed that. He got to suck and kiss my pink nipples and hold onto my titanic, firm breasts, caressing them gently. Then I smothered him with my colossal breasts! I placed one of my HH cup breasts on his face, then the other. Then I squished his face with both of my breasts. Queenie asked me to try to make him pass out with a double breast smother and crunch. I have never used my breasts like barbells before. He was in ecstasy as I bounced and slapped my soft, firm, porcelain breasts against his face. What a lucky slave! And, of course, with breast worship comes more ass worship. Pony boy kissed my ass over and over. I don’t allow just anyone to kiss my ass and breasts. He was one of the lucky few. And how we both enjoyed it! I loved the feeling of power as I had him kiss me there, and he reveled in the experience of just having my ass cheeks pressed up against him. Queenie told me this was the "pressure fetish", and the "smother fetish". It all seemed strange but intoxicating to me.

For pony boy’s last request he pleaded, "Please, mistress, let me have the weight of both of you standing on me." I was very surprised that he wanted nearly 550lbs standing on his back as he lay on the floor beneath us. Queenie and I stood on the little pony and he supported our weight completely! I marveled at this amazing spectacle. Not one, but two Mistresses giving him all of our weight combined. It was definitely more than I expected for my very first day of training. I had learned to trample, smother and whip and had also acquired my very first submissive worshipper. I always knew I was attractive, but he helped me to understand some of the power I have over men. And how they should worship at my feet in awe of my power and beauty.

Queenie and I used and abused pony boy for what seemed like hours. We toyed with his hard schlong. Then after we both walked on him full weight for the longest time. We noticed that he had a big juicy gob of semen in his sheer shorts. We were proud of our erotic torment. I couldn't wait for more.

I did not know at the time, but I was to make another video with pony boy 2 days later, when Queenie's slave had to cancel. This is where Queen gave me the present of owning pony boy for my own private property. So I want you to tune into that experience, it got even more hot & intense. And I dispensed my first ( and perhaps my last)  golden shower in Private Property, Kyla's Kinky adventures 2. We don't have an official title for it yet. Bye for now-

Luv Kyla Kiss.

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