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Queen Adrena Fetish Video's Presents

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"Double Tickle Torture"


Matilda had to punish her naughty niece 4’9" 110 lb Mika, & her little slave "Titty-Bear" for playing behind her back. She tied them on the crush bench, laid out flat, getting at their feet every chance she could get. They squealed like little piggies, they were being tickled so ravenously. Then Queen Matilda tied their wrists together, mercilessly tickling them from head to toe. She especially tortured their arm pits, their ears & necks at times, because these are really vulnerable spots for these two in-subordinates. Queen teased & tickled their toes & feet unendingly. Then she tied them standing up together where she uses feathers, and beads , her finger nails, her finger tips, and then she used ice cubes as her ultimate tickle torture. She applied the cold stinging cubes in all the most ticklish spots, until they both peed their pants. There is a lot of screaming and begging for mercy. The tickle laughter is non-stop.


  Amazon's Tie & Tickle Bimbos


Queen & Ariel get Lolita & Sadie to cry tears of tickle torture.

  Spanking & Smothering School


Queen dominates spanks & smothers two small students "Mika" & "Jr."


 Tickling Tinkerbells


the two tiny girls Cupie & Mika have a little foot tickle date, they are a little bi and try every cute little foot tickel game.

(Little Girls Mika & Cupie tickle each others feet & full bodies clad in red lingerie, then do some toe bondage and erotic foot kissing.)


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