"Titanic Tramplethon I""1,350 lbs.( 6 Amazons) of Facewalking"

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 Queen invites her new friend Mst. Sweet Feet 5'9" 220 lb. Sz.. 10 feet to demonstrate to Mst. Magick 230 lb. 5'9" sz 9 1/2 & Princess's Amazon Ariel 6'1" 260 lb. Sz. 11 1/2, Lolita 5'9" 160 lb. Sz. 9 1/2, Sadie 5'10" 160 lb. Sz.10 how to use her personal trample man (slave "facewalk", 5'9" 170 solid lb). to let out all of a woman's complete rage & aggression by trampling him near to death....see below for more description and look for story in Instep Magazine.  

Starring Queen Adrena, Mistress Magick, Mistress Sweet Feet, Amazon Ariel, Princess Lolita, Princess Sadie   


Queen Adrena

Mistress Magick

Princess Sadie

Mistress Sweet Feet Princess Ariel Princess Lolita

This is a most unusual insight into the Amazon rituals of pulverizing a male..   It is on a spiritual level as well as a level of pure savage instinct. Slave "facewalk" can endure more weight on his face than any man I have ever seen. We all walk on him with our heels full weight from crotch to face. We use him as our bouncing couch playing the game of "musical fannies" plopping & full weight dropping all of our butts on him all at once (lovely bouncing scenes). We all take turns trying our toughest & roughest shots at his crotch with our bare feet & spike heels stomping and standing.

You must see "facewalk" give Queen and Magick a carpet ride...with our full weight on his crotch, he can still lift up and bounce us. Then we stand on his face until his nose smashes into his skull...as well as we each put our full weight onto his throat and chest...(more below)


The most incredible feats of feet. We all let it all hang out with full weight jumping on his chest and face, with Amazing Atomic full weight butt drops and belly flops. We all took turns sitting on his face in our panty hose, smothering him completely one at a time with his arms & chest pinned thoroughly with our full fannies planted across his full face with his nose buried ever so deeply..then all at once we put all of our weight into full 6 girl pile ups, & stand ons. This is   for my Pressure, face & throat, chest & crotch trample devotees with Great Ass pressure & sitting. - all girls in sexy lingerie..nude panty hose & bare & heeled feet. "Facewalk" has challenged us all to annihilate him even more next time- we can't wait..

1 hour & 52 minutes- 2 camera angles. (lots of closes ups)

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