"Trample Olympics 2000 lbs." [QA67]

     Starring: Princess's Kyla @250lb & Aurora @175 lbs, Mistress’s Sharon @175lbs, Shelly @170 lbs, Kali @ 400 lbs, Ruby @ 110 lbs, Sweet Feet @ 220 lbs, Thunder Rose @ 350 lbs & Queen Adrena @ 330 lbs.  (men: viking boy, iron crotch, facewalk, pony boy, matt, & titty bear. Kingfish was there, as a photographer). This is the most brutal Trampling to date in Queenie’s court. At times we had 2000 lbs on top of facewalk all at once. In honor of the 2000 Olympics we performed our most spectacular trampling feats. All of the ladies were clad in their spike heels, & sexy bra’s & panties. They grabbed their victims one at at time & marched in a high heel train starting at their crotch’s.  ( If you would like to see over 100 photos of this party/tape in much higher resolution and much bigger pictures with fabulous Mpegs, then go to www.queenadrena.net )

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One step at a time they smashed their balls, tummies, chests & faces. Then it was on to merciless pounding of all of the men with their stomping bare feet. Together there was up to 2,000 lb multiple pressure piles with all of their feet on the upturned bodies. The multiple dog piles are incredible. We took turns jumping high from the couch onto our supplicants crotch’s & tummies. The grand finale’ was with our new trample toy, the 8 foot long trample board. You must see the group dancing on all the flattened men under the board walk. We will have much more on this event very soon. We also performed fabulous jumping from a very high position on to viking boys tummy and chest, and upon iron crotch's crotch. There is some butt dropping and face sitting, and smothering. We understand that several of the men went squirt beneath the board. mmm:) Queenie

(60 min)

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