"Trample School Reunion"

    Mother & Daughter Team Ruby (aka the Red Snapper from Queenie's mud wrestling days) & Aurora ( a juicy young curvy woman) visit Queenie for a Reunion with facewalk & the one and only Sweet Feet. We trampled facewalk & titty bear with heels & with our bare feet. Sweet Feet has never been better in her art form showing the novice girls how to toe-ture and squish with your feet just right. She showed Aurora and Ruby how much  pressure a true trample devotee like facewalk craves and can endure happily. Our young trample son titty bear tried to keep up with the extreme pressure and high heel torture. This is quite brutal. We love to share our real trample experiences with you. We do not always think of selling a video. But the videos help to improve the content on this site and give us an outlet to let out our aggressions upon our human furniture/mat men.

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trmpschl-aplegs2.jpg trmpschl-gfrp-2.jpg trmpschl-gtrp-01.jpg trmpschl-gtrp-02.jpg trmpschl-pile1.jpg
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trmpschl-sit-06.jpg trmpschl-stnd-1.jpg trmpschl-stnd-7.jpg trmpschl-stnd-ff1.jpg trmpschl-stnd-ff2.jpg


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