"900lbs of Smothering Female Cannibals, Devour Samson"  [QA62]

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( 900 lbs of man eating pussy encapsulate, & crush & smother slave samson in their hot steaming rounded cleavages of tits & ass.) You have never heard slave samson cry for mercy so many times. Glamazons Adrena, Cinnamon, & Sugar were hungry for some raw meat, a slave to take a full throttling of smashing crush, letting all of their aggressions out. They were also hungry for some total body worship from head to toe; a sizzling afternoon of ass worship was required. Only a man who can take severe breathe deprivation could endure what the 3 Giantess women wanted. First our slave samson kissed the Mistress’s feet, legs, asses, and breasts completely. Then...

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we crunched him & suffocated his face inside of our asses & underneath our mega full bodies on his very tough bench wooden bench. Then we moved on to the Queen’s custom designed bench which would accommodate all three Goddess’s riding their slave together. We bounced and rode every inch of our slave’s body brutally. We buried his face deep in our asses. We relaxed on the couch for a spell of forced panty/pussy worship in between crunches. Finally, we laid him flat on the carpet, where we seized his face inside of our rosebud cracks. We sensually suffocated him mercilessly. This is an unusually brutal yet very sensual experience with delicious-girl bi fun as well.  

A full 60 min + samples making this tape 2 hrs, DVD is 60 Min

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