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Queen Adrena's Real Fetish Video's

"Triple Trample" $35.+ 5 Queen Adrena (310 lb), Amazon Ariel ( 270 lb), & Princess Mika ( 120 lb)


This was one of our first tapes when Queen first got back into the fetish scene in 97. Ariel was a tru joy to see in this tape. She just glowed when samson rubbed her ass and kissed her feet. We all Trounced and we Pounced. And we Trampled and we Jumped. Mika did cart wheels on slaves samson's tummy & face. And she jumped from high from the crush bench. Queen in her full athletic splendor jumped from the floor onto slave samson's tummy, all  310 lbs of her. The Queen Taught the young Princess's about the art of complete physical domination with their feet and their Squashing & smothering Asses. We piled in 50 lb dog piles. This is samson's favorite. He is the breath deprivation and Pressure Fetishist supreme. I have never seen anyone take as much as samson. viking boy is on his way to matching samson. The raw passion of newness and youngness and female power has never been so fun.


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