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"Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists" [QA42]

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The Sadistic Boss Woman Queen Adrena & her Tyrannical Topless Trio ; Mistress's Sharon, Shelly, & Santana, kidnap an executive at the airport from a competitor computer company. We torture him into giving up the secret bid for a new computer chip.

Queen & Sharon planned the caper. We drove him unsuspectingly to our secret headquarters, "the Queen's Temple". Just as we arrived in the driveway, his company called on the cell phone to find him. Queen grabbed the phone as Sharon shoved a pistol in Mr. Max Footlove's ribs. We handcuffed the captive & blindfolded him. Then we drug him out of the car into the inside of the temple.  Santana & Shelly were waiting to help us ambush "Mr. Max Footlove". Their appetites were wetted for their foot blood sport for the day. (55 min with the first camera, 45 min with the 2nd camera)

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We asked nicely at first for the information we wanted. But of course, we could use any means necessary to get what we wanted because we had been paid to extract the information out of him. But we also get our kicks from brainwashing a man into becoming an obedient servant of our feet forever.....and that is for our pure sadistic sport & pleasure.

"Max Footlove" would not co-operate. He resisted strongly. So, Queen strangled him in an unforgettable suffocating head scissors. Then, she commanded her Trampling Terrorists Santana   & Sharon to start the subjugation, humiliation, interrogation, & foot torture of the resistant little worm. Persuasion with a thorough pounding would squeeze the information we wanted out of him. 

After 35 full nonstop, unmerciful trampling minutes, all of the girls smothered max to the point of complete black outs. With incredible foot piles of all three feet stuffed inside of his mouth, poor max could not breathe or swallow anything except feet. Each Mistress demanded that her toes be sucked & licked properly, else she could choke the little fucker to death,  by inserting her foot  so deep that all air passages would be cut off.

Fear is such a good motivator. We had our boy making promises by this time. But we wanted more. We wanted undying devotion and brain & foot washing.  We used our divine asses & bodacious ta ta's for more smothering. He passed out several times more. We completely brainwashed our foot slave into being our spy and co-conspirator in all secret business deals in the future.

After we got max to give up the information, then the pure joy of using a man for our foot pleasure was divine. Sitting on his face to amuse our delicious buns and puckered pussies was exquisite. Then when Sharon wanted to keep torturing the little dick heads weenie, she continued with her fly swatter, rope, clothes pins and so on. Shelly & Sharon had a double decadent blast until he almost passed from this world completely. He made us an oath punishable by death to obey all of our commands for giving us information & serving as our foot & trample slave any time we called upon him in the future.

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